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Pokéshopper is a dedicated Pokémon News Website that reports on Official merchandise releases. This can be everything from Nintendo releases, to Pokémon Center plush, to BANDAI keyrings. The purpose for a source on merchandise is there, so fans have knowledge of releases in Japan, North America, Europe and other areas of interest. This website only promotes 100% officially licensed merchandise, and DOES NOT promote unofficial products. We hope that this website minimises the success of counterfeit products being sold on the internet.


The site started as a eBay store and Twitter account on March 23rd, 2014, but moved away from selling merchandise due to import demands from Japan. We then relaunched the site, as a news channel in July 2015, and has been growing ever since, helping make fans aware of releases Worldwide. We are now highly regarded as one of the top sources within the community for information. The whole of Poké & Social Media is run and owned by Paul Ryan (Follow or Direct Questions to his Twitter).


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TCG Mythical/Red & Blue Collections


  • Mew - Mythical Box - February 22nd
  • Celebi - Mythical Box - March 1st
  • Charizard EX - Red/Blue Box - March 16th
  • Jirachi - Mythical Box - April 1st
  • Darkrai - Mythical Box - May 2nd
  • Blastoise EX - Red/Blue Box - May 18th
  • Manaphy - Mythical Box - June 1st
  • Shaymin - Mythical Box - July 1st
  • Venusaur EX - Red/Blue Box - July 13th
  • Arceus - Mythical Box - August 1st
  • Victini - Mythical Box - September 1st
  • Pikachu EX - Red/Blue Box - September 14th
  • Keldeo - Mythical Box - October 3rd
  • Genesect - Mythical Box - November 1st
  • Meloetta - Mythical Box - December 1st

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Pokémon Events


  • Victini lv.100 - Pokémon 20 via Code

Dates : (September 1st 2016 - September 24th 2016.)

(XYORAS 20th Anniversary Event) - Status : LIVE SOON!

Moveset : Incinerate, Quick Attack, Endure, Confusion.


  • Regirock, Regice & Registeel lv.50 each - via Bank

Dates : (March 4th 2016 - October 31st 2016.)

(XYORAS Events) - Status : LIVE!


  • Shiny Rayquaza lv.100 - Pokémon Center Skytree Event

Dates : (July 5th 2016 - September 4th 2016.)

(ORAS Special Event) - Status : LIVE!

Moveset : Dragon Ascent, Draco Meteor, Fly, Celebrate.


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