- G.E.M. Ash & Misty

G.E.M MegaHouse Pokémon Ash with Pikachu/Charmander & Misty with Togepi/Psyduck PVC Figurines

To celebrate the Pokémon 20th anniversary, new anime themed figurines by MegaHouse were released, of Ash Ketchum and Cerulean City Gym Leader Misty. They are accompanied by fan favourites, Pikachu and Charmander which is partnered by Ash, and Togepi and Psyduck partnering Misty.

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Release Date

(Ash with Pikachu & Charmander - May 31st, 2016.) (Misty with Togepi & Psyduck - May 31st, 2016.)





Product size

Ash: Height approx 10cm, Misty: Height approx 11cm



¥5,800 (excluding tax)


Product Specifications

Painted PVC figure




G.E.M Ash & Misty
G.E.M Ash & Misty
G.E.M Ash & Misty
G.E.M Ash & Misty
G.E.M Ash & Misty
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