- G.E.M. Brock with Vulpix & Geodude/Nurse Joy with Chansey
G.E.M Brock
G.E.M Nurse Joy
G.E.M Brock
G.E.M Nurse Joy
G.E.M Brock
G.E.M Nurse Joy

G.E.M MegaHouse Pokémon Brock with Geodude & Vulpix/Nurse Joy with Chansey PVC Figurine

To celebrate the Pokémon 20th anniversary, new anime themed figurines by MegaHouse were released, and these particular figurines are of Brock with Geodude & Vulpix, and Nurse Joy with Chansey.

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Release Date

(Brock with Geodude & Vulpix, Nurse Joy with Chansey - October 16th, 2016.)





Product size

Brock: Height approx 7cm, Geodude: Height approx TBC, Vulpix: Height approx TBC

Nurse Joy: Height approx 11cm, Chansey: Height approx TBC



¥5,800 (excluding tax) each


Product Specifications

Painted PVC figure





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