- Kotobukiya Lillie and Cosmog

[ Pokémon フィギュア リーリエ&コスモッグ Kotobukiya Lillie PVC Figurine


The Pokémon Character from Sun and Moon appeared in Kotobukiya figurine form!

Kotobukiya Lillie and Cosmog

Kotobukiya Pokémon Character Lillie (Accompanied by Cosmog)


Character Lillie from Pocket Monsters Sun and Moon has become included by Kotobukiya! This product will be available at Pokémon Centers, the Pokémon Center Online and Pokémon Store in Japan (June 17th, 2017). In the white dress piece, the visual is complete with a wide brim hat, for full reproduced detail from the games. Final details complete with bag open and Cosmog escaping as usual!


This Lilllie and Cosmog figure is available exclusively on Pokémon Center! Lillie calls her Cosmog Nebby—and Nebby is escaping from her bag while she is out walking. Lillie figure shows her swirling dress, hat, and bag, as well as detailed facial expressions, hair, and fingers. The images shown here are early painted prototypes. Final sculpted figures may vary. This is a limited edition available only through Pokémon Center. This Lillie figure will be produced in sufficient quantity to meet the preorders on PokemonCenter.com, and it will not be sold after the preorder period ends.

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This is not a toy!

Release Date

February, 2018.


Product Code



Order Acceptance Date

Saturday 10am, June 17th, 2017 until Thursday 23:59pm, 31st August, 2017.





Product Size with Notes

Approximately 22H x 10.5W x 9.5D cm (including pedestal).

Exact Item Dimensions: 8.7 x 3.7 x 4.1 inches


Stands over 8 inches tall!

Amazing Kotobukyia sculpt full of life and motion!

Highly detailed sculpt

A Pokémon Center Exclusive!


More Details

Country Of Origin: Made in China.

Recommended Age: 14+ years


Product weight




9,180 yen.


Product Specifications

Painted ABS&PVC 1/8 scale articulated figure with pedestal included.



PVC (Non-Phthalic acid), ABS.


Kotobukiya Lillie and Cosmog
Kotobukiya Lillie and Cosmog
Kotobukiya Lillie and Cosmog
Kotobukiya Lillie and Cosmog
Kotobukiya Lillie and Cosmog
Kotobukiya Lillie and Cosmog
Kotobukiya Artwork of Lillie and Cosmog
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