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Pikachu Figurine
P1 Lucario Figurine
Gengar Figurine
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Special Colour Pikachu
P2 Lucario Figurine


To celebrate the release of Pokkén tournament on Wii U, several Banpresto figurines were released which famously included Pikachu (20cm), Lucario Player 1 and 2 versions, Gengar Colour scheme 1 and 2, Pikachu Colour scheme 2, and mini figurines (Gengar, Lucario, Pikachu, Machamp, Weavile.)

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Release Dates

Lucario P2 version with Wii U bundle preorder at Japanese Pokemon Centers February 27th, 2016.

Ichiban Kuji prizes March 18th, 2016.

Suicune P1 & P2 versions May 26th, 2016.

Lucario VAH October 16th, 2016.

Mewtwo VAH October 16th, 2016.


Mewtwo and Lucario VAH 'Variable Action Heroes' (Lucario will come with two aura attacks, a bone, and four hands. Mewtwo comes with three attack accessories and two extra hands.)



Banpresto / Megahouse


Product size

Ichiban Kuji Pikachu: Height approx 20cm

Ichiban Kuji Lucario: Height approx 12cm

Ichiban Kuji Gengar: Height approx 8cm

Ichiban Kuji Suicune: Height approx 9cm

Mewtwo VAH: Height approx 11cm

Lucario VAH: Height approx 11cm



Dependant on product. Ichiban Kuji were prizes, not on sale.

Megahouse VAH RRP of Lucario & Mewtwo 6,264円 each.


Product Specifications

Painted PVC figure




P1 Suicune Figurine
P2 Suicune Figurine
VAH Pokkén Figurine of Lucario
VAH Pokkén Figurine of Lucario
VAH Pokkén Figurine of Lucario vs Mewtwo
VAH Pokkén Figurine of Mewtwo vs Lucario
VAH Pokkén Figurine of Mewtwo
VAH Pokkén Figurine of Mewtwo

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