- PPP Lance

[ Pokémon MediCom Perfect Posing Product Lance & Dragonite PVC Figurine


The original Pokémon Elite Four member from Pocket Monsters Red and Green appeared in the PPP series!

PPP Lance & Dragonite

MediCom Pokémon Lance & Dragonite PVC Figurines


Medicom Toy opened pre-orders for their “Pocket Monsters” Lance Perfect Posing Products figure, which accompanied by Dragonite. Each figure, which is sculpted by Hiroshi (Sakura Zensen), is listed for a price of 8,424 yen (tax included). Lance and Dragonite are scheduled for release in December 2017.

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Release Date

(Lance and Dragonite - December, 2017.)



MediCom Toy Inc


Product size

Lance: Height approx 160mm



¥8,424 (including tax)


Product Specifications

Painted PVC figure




PPP Lance & Dragonite
PPP Lance & Dragonite
PPP Lance & Dragonite
MediCom Toy
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