- Red Figma

[ Pokémon レッド Red Figma PVC Figurine


The legendary Pokémon Trainer appeared in figma!

Red Figma with Kanto Starters

Pokémon レッド Red Figma PVC Figurine


Here is the first installement of the legendary trainer from the very first "Pokémon" games - Red Figma. Here is the full figurine pre-painted movable figure with dedicated pedestal included. The full finish on the figurine matches the pieces included, which consist of Kanto starters Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander!

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Release Date

(Trainer Red Figma - 17th of December, 2017.)



Good Smile Co.





Product size

Size: Red: Approx. 130mm (excluding base)



¥6,800 (excluding tax)


Product Specifications

Painted PVC figure





Planning and Production

Prototype by Max Factory / Shinji Koshinuma

Red Figma
Red Figma
Red Figma
Red Figma

Pokémon Online Good Smile Exclusive


Those ordering through Good Smile store get a Pokémon Pikachu winking face figure! (Seen below)

Pikachu Wink Edition

Pokémon Center, Store, or Online Exclusive


Those ordering through Pokémon Center, Stores get a Pokémon Pikachu standard face figure! (Seen below)

Pikachu Pokémon Center Edition

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