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Below you will see our latest prize giveaways! Good luck to all our fans!

Mimikyu Plush Competition


Winner Announced Friday 31st of March, 2017.


Please read the instructions carefully :


In order to enter this giveaway you MUST be 17 or over, or have permission to enter as address will be required upon prize being shipped.


The prize plush by Banpresto, the Official manufacturer for new Mimikyu 26cm large plush.


  • Winner wins ONE Mimikyu
  • Competition is open WORLDWIDE


Entry requirements as follows :



After over 11 thousand entries, we want to thank all that entered the competition. The first two names didn't meet the requirements of the giveaway, so congratulations to the winner on Twitter : User @GrandMasterPika


Winner Notice

Winner must claim prize, prizes unclaimed within 48 hours of announcement will be distributed to another winner. UPDATE: Winner has claimed prize. Please await next prize competition to begin.

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