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[ Pokémon Center introduces "Rainbow Rocket Merchandise!"

Bosses of the enemy organization appearing in "Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon"


Official Pokémon Center Rainbow Rocket goods are set to release on the 20th of January, 2018! Team Rainbow Rocket is led by Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket. They come from an alternate world where no one interfered with their schemes in Kanto. As a result, they were able to rise in power, until they left their dimension with the goal of conquering the entire multiverse. As they traveled, Giovanni gathered all of the leaders of evil organizations from worlds where they succeeded in their goals, including:


  • Maxie, leader of Team Magma, from a world where he used the power of Groudon to increase the land mass of the planet!
  • Archie, leader of Team Aqua, from a world where he used the power of Kyogre to increase the sea level of the planet!
  • Cyrus, leader of Team Galactic, from a world that he recreated without emotion using the power of Dialga/Palkia!
  • Ghetsis, leader of Team Plasma and Seven Sages, from a world where he decived the population into releasing their Pokemon, then conquered it using the power of Reshiram/Zekrom!
  • Lysandre, leader of Team Flare, from a world where he used AZ's ultimate weapon, powered by Xerneas/Yveltal, to wipe out most of all life to keep the planet beautiful.


These evil team leaders join forces and conquer Alola. Guzma is also featured in this range in tribute to his role in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! Please enjoy these leaders in Pikachu plush form! See more details below;

Announced 2017.12.15

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RR Campaign No. 1

Starting from January 20th, The online Pokémon Center Japanese customers can complete 4 missions to enter a raffle prize of a 7 badge case prize. Includes a special Pikachu business card case carrier.

Limited to 50 units!

Rainbow Rocket Box

RR Campaign No. 2

Starting from January 20th, The online Pokémon Center Japanese orders will ship items in a special Rainbow Rocket box.

Rainbow Rocket TCG

RR Campaign No. 3

Starting from January 20th, The online Pokémon Center, as well as Centers and Stores will be distributing special TCG cards of Pikachu Evil Team Leaders. Distributed either through random bonus for 2,000 yen spent or for any 5 booster packs purchased (You can choose your card in this method).


Note : All 3 campaigns expire on (Sunday) March 11th, 2018. Date is subject to stock supply also.

Full Product Details


[National Japanese Pokémon Center items]



Pokémon Center Plush Pikachu - 2,000 yen each


  • Maxie [22×15×10cm]
  • Archie [22.5×15×9.5cm]
  • Cyrus [22×15.5×9.5cm]
  • Ghetsis [23×17×9.5cm]
  • Lysandre [22.5×15×9.5cm]
  • Rainbow Rocket Giovanni [22×18×9cm]
  • Guzma [22.5×15×10cm]



Pokémon Center Partner Plush - 2,300 yen each


  • Mewtwo [22×14×11cm]
  • Groudon [33×19×18.5cm]
  • Kyogre [11×28×27.5cm]
  • Dialga [22.5×24×14cm]
  • Palkia [24×16.5×19cm]
  • Reshiram [25×33.5×16cm]
  • Zekrom [23×27×24cm]
  • Xerneas [28.5×25.5×16.5cm]
  • Yveltal [24×34×16cm]
  • Golisopod [24×35×16cm]



Mini Bath Towel - 2,000 yen

Post Cards - 150 yen each

Tapestry - 3,000 yen

A5 ringed notebook - 650 yen

Clearfile - 240 yen

Frixion Ball Pens - 900 yen each

Smartphone Flip Case [140] - 3,000 yen

iPhone 8 / 7 / 6s / 6 Pikachu Secret Teams design - 1,880 yen

Secret Teams Postcards set - 900 yen

Pokémon Center T-shirt SECRET TEAMS with pin [Medium or Large] - 5,000 yen each

Pokémon Center 5108 Necklace SECRET TEAMS - 3,800 yen each

Clear file set with case - 1,700 yen

Backpack - 8,500 yen [45×32×15] (H×W×Dcm)

Tote bag with badge set - 4,900 yen

Stainless steel Tumbler - 1,500 yen

Multi smartphone cover 140 - 3,000 yen

Pass case - 1,500 yen

Postcard 7 piece set - 900 yen

Rubber strap collection - 600 yen each [Blind Packaged]

3 stickers set - 400 yen each

TCG Sleeves - 720 yen each


Assorted stickers - 500 yen each

Acrylic clips [7 Pieces] - 900 yen each

Pokémon Center Evil Leader socks [3 pair set] - 1,000 yen each

Pokémon Center Pikachu clearfile - 240 yen each

Soft Jacket iPhone 8/7/6s/6 - 1,880 yen

Figurine Gacha - 300 yen each [Blind Packaged]



  • Official release date (Saturday) January 20th, 2018.

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