April 2017


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Each article by Pokéshopper - Paul Ryan

Kyoto Ho-oh Pikachu Mascot
Pokémon Halloween Sun Moon Gacha

Takara Tomy Arts Pokémon Pumpkin Key chain figurine campaign leaked - 29/04/2017

Entry 00:50am. Upcoming Catalogue 01:00am. Advert Eevee Doll images 09:01am - 29/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Brand new Pokémon 40mm gacha key chain figures will be released this August in Japan. The line of five will consist of two Pikachu, Mimikyu, Bewear and Gengar in pumpkins, which probably gives a general idea of what will feature in upcoming Halloween lines in the Sun and Moon era. Each figure by Takara Tomy will be made available at prize gacha machines and will cost 200 yen. Be sure to keep checking back as more August merchandise scans get added!

Pokémon Dolls Eeveelutions Online JP Boxes

Pokémon Center Online Japanese Eeveelution Doll boxes shipping next month - 29/04/2017

Entry 10:00am - 29/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Deliveries of Pokémon Center exclusive boxes have been added, which are to be made for Japanese online only customers! For the price of 26,535円 will see a complete box set of your favourite Eevee, which will be shipped upon order on release day of the series (Saturday, May 13th). The opportunities for sizes of the parkers and shirts will be limited to medium or large, and any mistakes made are not refundable unfortunately. You can view the contents package via our new Eeveelution Doll page.

Pokémon Dolls Eeveelutions Plush

Pokémon Dolls Eeveelution series revealed + 'Look Upon the Stars' Merchandise added - 28/04/2017

Eevee Dolls update 06:07am. Look Upon the Stars Merchandise and Pokédoll Eeveelution Line Pages created 06:30am and 07:30am with translations updated with notes - 28/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The next Pokémon Center series of Dolls have now been announced. Coming on (Saturday) May 13th, 2017 across Japanese Centers will see the release of Eevee, and all of its Eeveelutions being released in Plush and Mascot forms. Each Plush is to be sold for 1,200 yen and each mascot to be 800 yen each (Excluding Tax). Mascots of Rowlet, Litten and Popplio dolls will release the same day at 800 yen each also.


New Pokémon 'Look Upon the Stars' merchandise has also been added, which is scheduled to release next month on (Saturday) 20th of May, 2017. The line will also feature the first ever Cosmog plush and mascot, which should go down well for fans that purchased the Lillie Drum Bag from the Welcome to Alola merchandise release. You can finally put Nebby in the Bag! You can also view the page via our Merchandise Line database.

Pokémon Center Cushion Plush Series

Daisuki Club Pokémon updates + Pop Campaign high quality images - 28/04/2017

Entry 04:00am. Pop Page images 04:02am - 28/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


As we approach an extremely busy weekend of releases by the Pokémon Center, new images courtesy of Daisuki have been added to the database. Above you can see a close up look at the plush cushion line which features Rowlet, Togedemaru, Drifloon and Oddish, making up an odd collection of choices. Our Pokémon Pop Merchandise page has also added high quality images, which reveal the cleaning mascots of Gengar, Mimikyu which are definitely highlights worth looking at. These will also release in Japan tomorrow, which are all available to preorder via our trusted store partners Sunyshore. Note 16:00pm : We now have high quality images and exact specifications! Be sure to check out the details listed here :


  • Drifloon High Quality scans (Front / Side / Main) 49×33×26 (H×W×Dcm) - 621g
  • Rowlet High Quality scans (Front / Side) 33×33×32 (H×W×Dcm) - 671g
  • Oddish High Quality scans (Front / Side) 31×35×35 (H×W×Dcm) - 739g
  • Togedemaru High Quality scans (Front / Side) 29×33×56 (H×W×Dcm) - 762g
Pokémon Takara Tomy Bewear Plush

Takara Tomy Pokémon updates + HQ production scans for SM Ash Cap Pikachu, Mimikyu, Bewear plush - 27/04/2017

Entry 20:50pm. Upcoming Catalogue 21:00pm - 27/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Brand new Pokémon Takara Tomy plush will be released on Saturday 24th of June, 2017. As we reported on the update images from last week, new production scans have been added for Bewear, Mimikyu and Sun Moon vers Ash Cap Pikachu plush. They have now been added to the Sun and Moon Merchandise section. Bewear will be the smallest at 19cm in size, and cost 1,944 yen. While the other two mentioned will cost 2,160 yen each, and Mimikyu will be 25cm in size, while Pikachu being slightly smaller at 24cm in height.

Alolan Raichu Raglan Baseball T-Shirt

Alolan Raichu merchandise releases at U.S Pokémon Center online - 26/04/2017

Entry 17:50pm - 26/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Brand new Pokémon Center Official Alolan Raichu merchandise has now released on the U.S Center website. This is another mini line which seems to be a fortnightly trend now, and is solely based on Alolan Raichu. It features a Women and Mens t-shirt, and also mid calf socks. The sizes of Mens shirts range from small to 3xl large, while the Womens going up to 2xl size. (Orders Online here)


Pokémon GO Stickers

Pokémon GO Google Play Gift Cards + Sticker distribution in Japan - 24/04/2017

Entry 15:30pm - 24/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


From today (¥1,500-¥50,000 variable cards) and ¥5,000 Pokémon GO Google Play special design limited edition gift cards have been released in Japan. If you take a AR picture with a Pokémon next to the poster, customers will be eligible for an extra ¥300 to their accounts (Upon submission via Twitter). Also, any purchases made at any Pokémon Center will receive a set of team emblem and logo stickers (pictured above). Although this set of stickers may seem insignificant, it is technically the first official merchandise for GO, hopefully leading to a full line release in future!

Metamon Korea Campaign

Pokémon Store in Korea announces limited sale items for Easter 2017, Tapu Koko, I LOVE GENGAR, SM Banpresto - 24/04/2017

Entry 16:00pm - 24/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The Pokémon Center Metamon series will be sold for a limited time in Korea. These plush dolls and mascots are strictly limited to 2 pieces per person from April 27th (Thursday), and once they're gone, they're gone for good (Notice above). Also, many more other pieces of plush and campaigns will release two days later on April 29th (Saturday) in the pop up store at Songdo, Incheon, Triple Street. Here is a breakdown of what will be released on the day :


Incineroar, Decidueye, and Primarina Official plush

Official Sun and Moon Pokémon Center plush released + New Takara Tomy products released - 22/04/2017

Entry 22:30pm - 22/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Pokémon Centers across Japan have now released the highly anticipated Incineroar, Decidueye, and Primarina Official plush. These have been high in demand since announcement, and full size specifications have now been added to the site. Pickups from our partners Sunyshore have begun and to fans who've preordered in advance will start getting their items posted shortly.


Also released this weekend is the Moncolle EX A-Raichu Z-Move Figure and Pikachu Z-Move Figure. These were available in advance last week when the Pikachu Ash Cap Sun and Moon event became available with advance booked tickets for the Movie 'Pokemon, I Choose You!', but are now available nationally. On top of these releases, comes the availability of Moncolle GET Figures Volume 7, Clip on SM Ash Hat Pikachu and Tomy Z Crystals Vol.5 and 6. Check out our New Releases section for images!

Pokémon 20th anniversary Anime Snow globes

Official Pokémon 20th anniversary Anime Snow globes to be released + Vol.3 Metamon Gacha + Pokémon Center Alolan Final evolution starter plush specifications - 21/04/2017

Entry 01:00am. Vol 3 Gacha 05:00am. Plush sizes 10:01am - 21/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Preorder openings for new Japanese Pokémon Anime 20th anniversary snow globes have begun. Rakuten has listed new Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu globes, which are 2,138円 per globe, with a shipping date slated for July release. Once preordered however, no cancellations accepted for customers. Each are to be approximately H65×W45mm in size. Also coming in August, are brand new Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon editions, listed for the same price. If demand is high enough, we may consider pick ups from Japan on preorders, if really desired. Stay tuned to see if more get added in future!


The next volume of Metamon Figure gacha collection (Vol.3) will be released on Saturday May 13th, 2017. This series features six new additions of Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Eevee, Espeon and Umbreon Ditto figures. They will be distributed at Japanese Pokemon Centers capsule machines for the usual 300円 per capsule. (See Official Artwork).


Specificiations for the new Pokemon Center Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina plush have now been included into the Sun and Moon plush section. You can now view the hgh quality scans of the plush on our Sun Moon Merchandise database too!

Pokémon Z Pose Pikachu with Ash Figure

Official Pokémon Takara Tomy updates + New GET figures revealed - 21/04/2017

Entry 11:30am - 21/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Pokémon products that we recently reported on, including Alolan Sandslash figure, Sun and Moon Ash with Z pose Pikachu figure, as well as Mimikyu, Bewear and Ash Cap Pikachu plush by Takara Tomy have now been revealed. The total list with estimated release dates are now available to view in our Upcoming Catalogue. For exact specifications on the Alolan Sandslash figure, that can be found in our dedicated Sun and Moon Figure section.


It is also worth noting that New GET Figures have been revealed. Introducing Volume 9 which will feature Incineroar, Charmander, Piplup, Metapod, Entei, and Makuhita. Also, a series of 6 series Ash Cap Pikachu plush will release for 1,200 yen each. We are currently awaiting solid release dates for these, but will feature over the course over the next few months.

Pokémon Z Pose Pikachu Banpresto Plush

Official Pokémon Banpresto updates + Necrozma Elite Trainer SM3 English box release - 20/04/2017

Entry 07:30am. SM TCG database 08:00am - 20/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The official Banpresto Ichiban Kuji website has now updated, and added the next line of May Pokémon prizes set for release in Japan. These prizes include the Alolan Form plush of Marowak, Ninetales and Sandshrew which are probably the highlight of the May addition prizes. You may also like to check out the Leafon, Glaceon, Espeon and Umbreon, which make up the series of 'I LOVE EEVEE' 25cm plush. The total list with release dates are now available to view in our Upcoming Catalogue.


Following yesterdays update of Sun and Moon Series 3 TCG English print update (Burning Shadows) set for release this August, a new low res logo image has been added to our database, along with the Necrozma Elite Trainer box placeholder.

Official Pokémon BANDAI Candy Pokéball campaigns + High quality gallery - 20/04/2017

Entry 20:00pm - 20/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


A new 6 piece Pokémon Bandai Pokéball Candy collection will be available later this year in Japan. At a RRP of 500 yen each (excluding tax) the first collection are scheduled to be released in August, 2017. The distributor will be Bandai Candy and the 6 piece collection includes regular Pokéball, Ash's Lightning bolt Pikachu Pokéball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Premier Ball, and Master Ball.


In another collection announced today by Bandai Candy, will be a Special Pokéball collection. These limited collections will consist of 11 fully finished Pokéballs in full colour. The RRP by Bandai will be 7,020 yen (tax included with shipping fee and handling charge separately). Reservations begin today, but will be shipped September, 2017. This set will also include 6 special holders to be added to a belt (See Example image), so you can store the Pokéballs like a trainer!


Note : Ball Size: About 4.9cm tall and 4.8cm wide. Each ball comes with it's own stand also.

Pokémon Official Movie 20 Kids Figure Series

Pokémon Official Movie 20 Kids Figure Series revealed in Japan + U.S Online Center updates - 19/04/2017

M20 Kids Entry 06:00am. Movie 20 database 06:05am. U.S Online Center 18:00pm - 19/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Following our recent leaked image of the Pokémon Official Movie 20 Kids Figure Series, which you may recall had the reveal of M20 Pikachu and Ho-oh - well we're glad to inform you that the 6 secrets have now been revealed. Included in the series will be Piplup, Lucario, Incineroar, Midnight Lycanroc, Butterfree and Charizard. It has been confirmed that the release of the Movie 20 series will come to Japan in July, with each figure costing 180 yen each.


The next Pokémon Gallery Figures have finally been added. As we reported last month, the next wave of Figurines which feature Psyduck, Jigglypuff, Vulpix and Cubone are now available at the U.S online Center for $16.99 per figurine. Also, a mini line named Floral Flight which is similar to design from Rowlets Garden Japanese release is now available too. We have no advert image of this however.

Kuji Charizard 30cm Plush Prize

Pokémon Collection 2017 Ichiban Kuji S award revealed + Pokémon EIEVUI&FLOWERS Kuji added + Sun and Moon Burning Shadows TCG series - 18/04/2017

Update 08:05am. Upcoming Catalogue 08:30am. SM TCG Database 21:00pm - 18/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The next Ichiban Kuji was recently announced by Banpresto which is scheduled to be released (Wednesday) 28th of June in Japan. These prizes have been listed, however we are awaiting final production images to emerge. The first image has surfaced however, and will feature Prize S as a 30cm Charizard plush. Each prize will be 620 yen per turn as with all Kuji. Keep checking back as more images get revealed.


  • S Award: Charizard 30cm Plush
  • A Award: Pikachu Plush
  • B Award: Eevee Plush
  • C Award: Pouch
  • D Award: Hand Towel
  • E Award: Glasses
  • F Award: Rubber Keychains
  • Last Award: Pikachu Fluffy Stuffed Plushie (Female Ver.)
  • Double chances campaign planned!


In TCG news, a new set known as Burning Shadows will release later this year. 12 brand new GX cards will be featured in the set made up of SM2+ and SM3 from Japanese sets. Necrozma-GX, Tapu Fini-GX, Machamp-GX, Charizard-GX, Darkrai-GX and Ho-Oh-GX are confirmed to this point. You can see the full official note and logo in our Sun and Moon TCG database.

New SAN-EI 2017 Leaked Series

Pokémon SAN-EI Series 5 scan leaked. Features 14 new plush, set for July release - 16/04/2017

Original Entry 22:00pm. Upcoming Catalogue page update 22:40pm - 14/04/2017. Price list and release date 21:00pm - 16/04/2017. HQ scans 03:30am - 17/04/2017. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The first image has emerged of the next Pokémon San-ei ALL STAR COLLECTION plush series. This series coming to Japan will be made up of 14 brand new additions which include Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Celebi, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Plusle, Minun, Jirachi, Manaphy, Shaymin Land Forme, Victini and Hoopa. Notice : The price list and release date has now been published, we can now confirm. The new SAN-EI series will release (Saturday) July 15th, 2017. Here is the list available with sizes as follows :



- You can preorder Worldwide from our partners at Sunyshore (Preorder any SAN-EI Series 5 plush here)

Banpresto Catalogue Movie 20 scan

Banpresto Catalogue Movie 20 scans added to site database + CoroCoro Ho-oh event + Pikachu Mania revealed - 15/04/2017

Entry 00:30am. Database notes 00:33am. HQ scans 00:35am. Movie 20 page updated 00:36am - 15/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


As we move ever closer to the release of the Pokémon Movie 'Pokémon, I Choose You!', more and more scans and information are being added to our site. 10 secret plush in total will be added from May-June schedule, so be sure to stay tuned to the site, and see if Marshadow and any other mysterious Pokémon plush are added to the Banpresto release line. Also, Moncolle GET Volume 10 has been titled "Golden Flame & Silver Wind", with release information added. It should be noted that Charizard has begun to appear on other mini merchandise lines for the movie, hinting that it could also appear.


The final batches of Banpresto scans for August have been added and include Pikachu Mania (12cm) plush key chain line as well as a large (24cm) Sun and Moon series Pikachu plush, released sometime during the same month. Catalogue scans have now been fully updated, and we hope collectors find the information useful. Stay tuned for more!


02:00am - Following the announcement from CoroCoro, the Ho-oh event promotion in Japan will begin inside the August issue of the magazine - set to release July 15th 2017. The length and details of this Ho-oh event are yet to be published, however we will publish the information once made public.


09:00am - The Official Pokémon Center advert image for the new Pop campaign has now been added to the site. Be sure to check out all the merchandise added from yesterday morning!

Pokémon Center Plush Cushions

Pokémon Center to release new Plush Mocchiri Manmaru Cushions in Japan + POKÉMON POP + First Sun and Moon Nanoblock + PUTITTO Kanto gacha figures - 14/04/2017

Entry 06:30am. Database update 06:33am. Pop page added 06:35am. Additional notes added 10:45am - 14/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Brand new Pokémon Plush cushions will be released on (Saturday) 29th of April, 2017. Available in Centers will be new official Rowlet, Drifloon, Oddish and Togedemaru cushions, which will be sold for 4,200円 per cushion. If you wanted to buy one of these cute cuddly cushions, be sure to check our partners store Sunyshore for Worldwide Preorders. Stay tuned for news if even more get added in future.


A brand new line of merchandise was also revealed in todays updates, and this series is known as POKÉMON POP! This merchandise line is also scheduled to release on the same day as the Manmaru cushions listed above - (Saturday) 29th of April, 2017. And this line includes glasses, mascots, socks, clearfiles and more. You can check out the unique style artwork on our page, as well as the entire listing which has been translated from the Japanese Official Pokemon website. Be sure to check it out!


This day will be a huge day for releases also, as brand new Nanoblock sets of Rowlet, Litten and Popplio will also release in Centers across Japan. This makes them the first Sun and Moon additions to ever be made. Each are to be available for 1,200円 (excluding tax) per set.


Finally, with the last update from the official Japanese site is the addition of Pokémon Center PUTITTO gacha figures. These highly collectable figures are designed to hang on the edge of your drink glass, as a tiny accessory. This new series follows the Pikachu release over a year ago. Each sold at 300円 and released on the same day as all mentioned above. Featured in the series are Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Meowth, Gengar, Psyduck and Mew. We'll bring more once high quality images appear.

BAB Squirtle

Squirtle to be added to Pokémon bear list at Build-A-Bear workshops - 14/04/2017

Entry 11:00am - 14/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The first image has emerged of the next Build a Bear Pokémon plush - it welcomes for the first time, Squirtle. This addition follows the extremely popular Pikachu, Eevee and most recently Charmander bears. This Squirtle will have an online exclusive hooded raincoat with Pokéball design, as well as an exclusive TCG card as with previous releases. Please keep checking back for prices, as well as further details of the online exclusive in comparison to the standard version.

Kuttari Mochi Cushion plush

Pokémon Daisuki Club images added to database + Kuttari Line Update + Movie 20 Update + Takara Tomy Images - 14/04/2017

Entry 06:00am. HQ scans 11:55am. Figurine SM section adds Vol.8 GET 14:00pm - 14/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Our pages have now been updated with Official Daisuki club images, and consist of releases both for tomorrow - The Kuttari Merchandise line as well as the new Pokémon Movie 20 promo merchandise campaign. You can now view the images in full along with the production images. Please stay tuned should more lines get added in these series of promotions.


Exact specifications have been added to the pages to give you an idea of size and weight of main line items. The Ash Cap Pikachu plush will be a fairly large size, while production images for the mascot and metal charm set have also been added in the process of todays updates. Also, the Mochi Kuttari cushions and blanket sizes have been added.

PLEX NEO Charizard Figure

Charizard NEO PLEX Pokémon figurine to release in Japan this July - 14/04/2017

Entry 21:00pm - 14/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


If you recall our news story from last month, a lot of new Pokémon figures were announced for release, including Lillie Nendoroid, and Ash Ketchum Nendoroid - however, the only catch up we've had since then was the prototype display of the Charizard PLEX NEO figurine. It has now been given the RRP of 9,612 and the exact measurement of 30cm in height, it can now be stated. It will release sometime this July in Japan, however we will update you on exactly when this will be. Be sure to keep checking back as we bring you more updates regarding the highly anticipated figures set for release later this year (Circa early 2018). (See Gallery Images One / Two / Three / Four).

CoroCoro May 2017 Leak

Pokémon Sun and Moon Event distribution to begin for Ho-oh in Japan - 13/04/2017

Entry 12:20pm - 13/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The first scans of Pokémon from CoroCoro May edition have begun to leak. It has now been revealed that Ho-oh will be distributed in Japan, however no further details are published on the internet to this point. Be sure to keep checking back as we bring you more as news develops.

Pokémon GO Easter Event

Pokémon GO Easter Event to begin over Spring Break - 13/04/2017

Entry 14:05pm - 13/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


From 1:00 P.M. PDT April 13th through to 1:00 P.M. PDT April 20th 2017, players can look forward to a greater variety of Pokémon, which can now be obtained in 2km Eggs. Upon egg hatches, players over this time will be rewarded with more Candy. Plus, Lucky Eggs will be 50% off in the in-game shop. You'll also earn Double XP for all activities during this time. Stay tuned for any further updates.

Water Type Kororin Banpresto Plush

Banpresto Pokémon Plush Prizes begin to leak for August schedule + First ever Alolan Exeggutor Plush - 13/04/2017

Entry 23:40pm - 12/04/2017. Lapras, Squirtle, Alolan Exeggutor scans 14:45pm - 13/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


New Pokémon Banpresto plush prizes have now begun to leak for August, 2017 release. The first batch of leaks showcase that Totodile, Mudkip and Piplup Kororin 13cm plush will be featured in the August prize list, which follows the grass starter Kororin plush from July as we reported last month. Stay tuned and keep checking back as we add better quality scans of the August prizes. If any news develops of a Alolan Exeggutor Pokémon Center plush release, we will of course update this section of the site. Notice from 13/04/2017 14:45pm: new scans have now emerged for the upcoming August Banpresto Prize line:


Rotom Mystery Room U.S Online Campaign

Rotom Mystery Room merchandise releases at U.S Pokémon Center online - 12/04/2017

Entry 17:20pm - 12/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Following our Pokémon Center report from several weeks ago, Rotom Dex Plush is now finally available to order in the U.S. Alongside this plush addition, will also see a mini line release of Rotom goods which include t-shirt, 24 oz. Liberty Bottle and Playmat. If any further merchandise gets added to this line, we will of course update this section so keep checking back. (Orders Online here)


Pokémon The Movie 20 Trailer added + Marshadow Officially revealed - 08/04/2017

Entry 06:30am. Database update + SM Trailers 06:40am - 08/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The next Pokémon news has been updated for upcoming movie 'Pokémon, I Choose You!', which will feature the legendary Pokémon - Marshadow. Not much detail has been added other from Official Artwork, as with all previous legendary announcements. The trailer shows that Ash catches Charmander, and evolves his Metapod into Butterfree during the movie - however as it isn't a direct reboot, new characters and the appearence of Incineroar prove this to be a completely new story.


Database Pages update 06:40am - Marshadow Sun & Moon Pokédex entry - Alola Rotom PlushDex

Pokémon Center Final Evolution Plush

Pokémon Center to release Final Evolution plush + Phone Case online JP Center campaign + Vulpix Doll Restock - 07/04/2017

Entry 06:10am. Sun & Moon plush section update 06:22am. Phone cases JP Online notes 07:00am - 07/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


After months and months of waiting, we are finally going to be able to get the first plush of the Alola starter final evolutions, Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina. These plush will be released in Japanese Pokémon Centers on (Saturday) 22nd of April, 2017. And before tax have been given a price of 3,200円 each, indicating they will each be a fairly larger size plush. (Preorder these plush Worldwide from Sunyshore here)


New custom official Pokémon Center phone cases will be made available from 10am, (Saturday) 15th of April until 23:59pm (Friday) 28th of May. These cases will be available at the online JP Pokémon Center, and all Kanto 001 ~ 151 designs will be available for purchase, with Johto also being included 152 ~ 251. These will be specific for iPhone 5, 5s, SE, 5c, 6, 6s, 6 plus, 6s plus, 7 and 7 plus models - sold at 2,700円 each.


Android models will consist of AQUOS ZETA SH-01G, AQUOS ZETA SH-04H, AQUOS SERIE SHV34, AQUOS Xx3 506SH, Galaxy S7 edge SC-02H, Galaxy S7 edge SCV33, Xperia Z3 401SO, Xperia Z3 SO-01G, Xperia Z4 402SO, Xperia Z4 SO-03G, Xperia Z4 SOV31, Z5 501SO, Z5 SO-01H, Z5 SOV32, Z5 Compact SO-02H, Z5 Premium SO-03H, Xperia X Performance SO-04H, Performance SOV33, Performance 502SO, Xperia XZ SO-01J, Xperia XZ SOV34, Xperia XZ 601SO and finally Compact SO-02J, also sold for 2,700円 each. (See Ho-oh Example).


The official Pokémon Japanese online center has made available for a limited period the recently released Alola Vulpix Doll plush. Due to popular demand, the plush doll was sold out everywhere, however it will be available for 1,296円 and will be shipped late July time. (Must be reserved by Monday 17/04 13:00pm JST)

Pokémon Pikachu Festa 2017 FA

Pokémon Japanese Battle Festa TCG Promos and products + Acerola SR TCG Scan added - 07/04/2017

Entry 08:40am. SM2+ Acerola SR Card added to database 13:00pm - 07/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The Pokémon Battle Festa competitions are to be held this May in Japan, and all contesting will recieve this full art Pikachu promo. For those at the event, new TCG Festa 2017 Sleeves will be sold for 720円 + tax. The Battle Festa Poster has also been published for the upcoming TCG event. You can view the promo cards to promote the event here :


Pokémon Jigglypuff Gallery Figure Box

Wave 2 Pokémon Center Gallery Figurines information published + High Quality images + GET Moncolle Update - 06/04/2017

Entry 00:30pm. Figurine Database Update 00:32pm. Moncolle GET update 12:00pm - 06/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Following the update from last month, the Pokémon Center online U.S store has updated stock levels for the highly anticipated Gallery Wave 2 Collection figures, which have now been added. As a result, it has been confirmed that each figurine will still be sold at $16.99 each. All the specifications and high quality images have been added also, however the figurines are yet to become available for purchase. Be sure to keep checking back to the site as we bring you word on when they go live immediately.


Now listed on AmiAmi is the May edition of Moncolle GET figures (Snow Box), which will feature Alolan Vulpix, Ninetales, Sandshrew, Glaceon, Delibird, Snorunt along with 3 secrets. Only a low resolution scan is available to this point, but keep checking back as we add an official production image as we approach May release. (See Low Res Moncolle GET Snow Scan).

Spring U.S Online Campaign

Spring merchandise releases at U.S Pokémon Center online - 05/04/2017

Entry 17:10pm - 05/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Following release at the Pokémon Centers across Japan, new Egg shaped Cushion Pikachu and Eevee plush are listed at the online U.S Center. It is unfortunately only a small line of merchandise, and doesn't feature any of the Pikachus Easter 2017 campaign. However, a unique t-shirt design and set of pins have also been added. (Orders Online here)



Also added to the new releases section is the appearance of Paired Pikachu Celebrations: Snowboarder Pikachu Plush - 9.5" which has now been made available on the site for $24.99.

Pokémon Banpresto I LOVE EEVEE plush

Pokémon Daisuki club images update + Database redesign + Movie 20 Key Ring leak - 05/04/2017

Website desktop site Redesign 18:00pm - 04/04/2017. Daisuki images 06:00am. Movie 20 leak 09:02am. Little Tales Daisuki images added 10:02am with page added - 05/04/2017. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Following last months official announcement of Pokémon Banpresto plush prizes for April, new high quality images of the prizes have now been added thanks to Daisuki club. Pictured above is the new I LOVE EEVEE edition plush. Here is a closer look at the prizes to come!



Also, a new leak has surfaced following the merchandise leaks we provided from March 31st. This leak shows that a new production of Movie 20 Key ring PVC figures will be produced around July time this year. To this point only Ho-oh (42mm) and Ash Cap M20 Pikachu (32mm) have been revealed at prototype stage, however three secret reveals are included and we will keep you posted on any developments around this merchandise, so stay tuned! (See Leaked M20 Key Ring scan)

Pokémon SM Dolls Part 3

Pokémon Center updates + Sunyshore shipments begin for Sun Moon Dolls wave 3 + Next Competition - 03/04/2017

Entry 23:00pm - 03/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Following the huge release of the new Pokémon Sun & Moon dolls set 3, they are already proving very difficult to obtain at a fair price. Alolan Vulpix was incredibly popular as usual, and sold out in 9 minutes of being active on the Japanese online Pokémon Center website. Our partners at Sunyshore were incredibly busy with many orders but managed to get all the Alolan Vulpix, Raichu and Rockruffs out there for fans who preordered them, so huge thanks to them! (Order any Pokédoll Worldwide here)


As we begin another month in the year (it is going almighty fast), we anticipate more merchandise leaks to come, as more movie promotions should drop over the next few weeks as we fast approach the summer, so stay tuned for that. Also, just as a notice, our Mimikyu Banpresto plush competition may have ended, however more competitions are in the pipeline so stay tuned for that too!

Best Seller No.1
Best Seller No.2
Best Seller No.3
Best Seller No.4

Pokémon Center Japan Online Best selling plush from release weekend - 03/04/2017

Entry 23:30pm - 03/04/2017 (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Brand new Pokémon Sun & Moon dolls (Wave 3) were released over the weekend, and proved hugely popular with fans both in physical stores as well as online. As we mentioned before, Alolan Vulpix sold out via Amazon Japan at midnight once it went live within a matter of minutes, and then again sold out within 9 minutes of the 10am JST of the online JP Center opening time. Still maintaining popularity from the previous weekend was the new Metamon Snorlax plush and keychain mascot, occupying number 2 and 4 best selling plush spots a weekend after release. Alolan Raichu doll makes it in the top 5 list, in a solid number 3 spot, while Rockruff doll still sits in an impressive number 5 best seller spot. All in all making for a very impressive debut for the new wave of plush dolls in the Sun Moon era. Lets hope for more in future! Here the list of top 10 best selling plush over the weekend :


  • No. 1 - Alolan Vulpix Pokédoll
  • No. 2 - Metamon Snorlax Pokémon Center Plush
  • No. 3 - Alolan Raichu Pokédoll
  • No. 4 - Metamon Snorlax Pokémon Center Mascot
  • No. 5 - Rockruff Pokédoll
  • No. 6 - Metamon Koffing Pokémon Center Plush
  • No. 7 - Metamon Magnemite Pokémon Center Plush
  • No. 8 - Standard Rowlet Pokémon Center Plush
  • No. 9 - Metamon Jigglypuff Pokémon Center Mascot
  • No. 10 - Metamon Koffing Pokémon Center Mascot
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