July 2016

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Kyoto Ho-oh Pikachu Mascot


Pokémon Sketch Series with Umbreon/Espeon

New Pokémon Sketch Series 3 Merchandise released in Japan - 30/07/2016

Entry 00:01am. Releases section 00:10am edit 09:49am. IT'S DEMO update 09:53am - 30/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The latest series of Pokémon Sketch (No. 3) will be released in Japan later today. The range is focused on Umbreon / Espeon designs on the regular batch of Sketch merchandise, which will once again feature Lucario, Mudkip, Eevee and Pikachu. Here is a list with high quality images of what is coming in full : (Preorder any merchandise Worldwide via Sunyshore).



New IT'S DEMO goods are now released in Japan (Saturday, 30th of July) and feature a Pikachu mascot for 1200円 (excluding tax), a pair of Umbreon/Espeon mascots for 1600円 (excluding tax), plus a summer version of Pikachu Cushion for 2800円 (excluding tax). Face cushions of Sylveon and Espeon have also been listed, but we awaiting full images and prices. Stay tuned for more information.

Super Size Ditto Plush

New Super Size Ditto Plush announced/BW Trainer Collection/IT'S DEMO Goods/WEGO Pikachu Bag - 29/07/2016

Official site 06:05am. Ditto plush 06:34am. HQ scans 06:47am. Upcoming Merchandise 08:02am. BW Collection 13:00pm. IT'S DEMO notice 13:13pm. WEGO Bag note 14:30pm - 29/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The Pokémon Online Center has listed a new super size exclusive Ditto plush. Released in Japan August 6th, it will be available for customers at 13,000円. The size dimensions of the plush are (43×65×65cm) and towers above the BIG Sleepy plush version. (See image examples One / Two / Three / Four). (See size comparison to BIG Sleepy version).


The next installment of the Trainer Collection merchandise series has been teased, featuring the girls of Black and White relaxing at Caitlin's villa in Undella town. This series will be released on August 20th, 2016. (See advert) High quality images to follow. See listed items :



A new WEGO Pikachu bag will be released in Japan around mid-October time. The bag itself has a zipper on the back of the Pikachu, and will be sold for 5,389円. (As seen via the official website) (See Front / Back / Side View).

Special 'I LOVE MAGIKARP' Artwork

New 'I LOVE MAGIKARP' Campaign Online Center distribution/HQ Carp x PC Poster revealed - 28/07/2016

HQ Carp x PC Poster 07:03am. 'I LOVE MAGIKARP' Online PC Campaign 07:34am. UK DVD/Blu-Ray Note 08:04am - 28/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The first details of the Pokémon 'I LOVE MAGIKARP' campaign have been provided by Daisuki. There will be a special PC Online distribution to lucky customers as part of 1 year anniversary Hiroshima Center celebrations. They will give prizes which include a limited production A Prize (10 Limited) 'I LOVE MAGIKARP' T-shirt, as well as B Prize (100 Limited) Towel (36 × 60cm). This campaign will be begin July 30th, 2016 from midnight and end August 31st 23:59pm.


Also, each day between July 30th, 2016 from midnight to August 5th 23:59pm, a special postcard will be distributed (7 in total) as gifts with number seven featuring a shiny Magikarp. (See Postcard Artwork Day One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six). Last one is seen above.


UK Notice : Pokémon The Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages will be available in the UK on DVD and Blu-ray on the 24th of October, 2016. And following this release will be a Pokémon Movie 1-3 Collection on both DVD and also as a Limited Edition Blu-ray Steelbook, which will be releasing in the UK on the 14th of November 2016. Please await images of boxes as we get them.

Sekiguchi Mew Plush
Sekiguchi Meowth Plush

Sekiguchi Meowth & Mew plush/New Arceus Merchandise/Pokémon GO Plus Accessory delayed/New Japanese 3DS Themes/K.Uno Gallery added - 27/07/2016

Entry 08:34am. Upcoming Merchandise 09:02am. Edit 21:03pm. HQ scans of Sekiguchi plush 23:11pm - 27/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Brand new Sekiguchi plush have been revealed, and this October 31st will see the release of Meowth and Mew. These plush follow the Kanto Starters and Gengar, and have been listed on Amazon Japan for ¥2,808 each.


Brand new Arceus merchandise will be available for purchase in GameStop in North America. A new T-Shirt has been listed at $14.99, while a new Metal Keychain is also on sale for $6.99. Similar with Darkrai, these items are to coincide with the upcoming Mythical Month of Arceus.


The release of the Pokémon GO Plus Accessory has been delayed from original release date of late July, which will now be slated around September. Please await further details as we get them.


Three brand new Pokémon themes are now available in Japan for ¥200 each via the Nintendo eShop. These themesare based on the merchandise designs which feature Art Duo of Gardevoir & Gallade (Features Wally's Theme from Pokémon OR/AS). The second one is based on Art Duo Latios & Latias (Features Soaring at Night Theme from Pokémon OR/AS). Bundle is available for these two themes at ¥300.

The last theme is based on the recently released Pokémon Substitute merchandise, which features Official Artwork on both upper and lower screens respectively. (Features Pokémon Amie mini-games music from Pokémon X & Y. This is also available for ¥200. Please await word of release outside Japan, so be sure to stay tuned!


Following our announcement earlier this month, brand new high quality images of the new Pokémon K.Uno U-Treasure luxury goods have been published via Daisuki. They consist of Pikachu rings, a Pikachu necklace, Gengar ring, and a Pokeball accessory box. The collection was released July 8th, and all Jewellry is available in Silver, Yellow Gold and Pink Gold (Price variance on all chosen Jewellry) :


Pikachu Platinum Engagement Ring - RRP ¥ 339,000

Pikachu ring silver × K18 yellow gold - RRP ¥ 99,000 (See Example One / Two)

Pikachu solitaire ring silver × K18 yellow gold - RRP ¥ 59,000 (See Example One / Two)

Pikachu & monster ball necklace silver × K18 yellow gold - RRP ¥ 38,000 (See Example One)

Pikachu pairing Ladies / Mens silver × K18 yellow gold - RRP ¥ 28,000 (See Example One / Two)

Gengar ring - RRP ¥ 22,000 (See Example One / Two)

NEW! Pokeball Ladies / Mens silver rings - RRP ¥ 12,000 (See Example One)

Pokeball Box - RRP ¥ 4,000 (400 limited production, to first customers).

World Championship Pikachu 2016 Plush

New Pikachu 2016 World Championship Plush revealed with Tournament details - 25/07/2016

Entry 19:34pm - 25/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The first details of the Pokémon World Championships 2016 have been revealed, along with the first image of the new upcoming special 2016 mascot Pikachu plush. When more images to come of the entire merchandise range, and the plush itself we will of course update this area of the site when they are available. The streams will be available across three days from August 19th to August 20th, with the finals taking center stage on Sunday August 21st. (See World Championship 2016 Artwork).

ARTFX J Serena with Fennekin

New Serena with Fennekin figurine to be released/May with Mudkip showcased - 24/07/2016

Entry article 05:59am. Upcoming Merchandise 06:59am - 24/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


A new Pokémon ARTFX J figurine designed by Hitoshi Ariga, which is the third of the series will be released. This time the featured figurine will be based on Serena with Fennekin (セレナ with フォッコ コトブキヤ) which will be released by Kotobukiya, which follows Red with Pikachu, and the upcoming May with Mudkip figurine. It will be released sometime in 2017.


It has also been confirmed at World Festival 2016 in Japan that May with Mudkip will be released April, 2017, and a prototype of the figurine was showcased alongside this information. (See Prototype) image courtesy of Kotobukiya.

Pokémon Center Mega Campaign Plush
Pokémon Center Pattern Merchandise Line

Pokémon Center release new Mega Campaign merchandise & Crepe-Pattern merchandise - 23/07/2016

Releases section 10:00am. PC Article 10:02am. Monopoly edit 15:20pm. Upcoming Merchandise 15:22pm - 23/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


A new wave of Mega Campaign Pikachu merchandise has now been officially released in Japan. They feature the Mega Evolution crossovers of Mega Ampharos, Mega Diancie, Mega Gallade, Mega Gardevoir, Mega Lopunny, Mega Mawile, and Mega Rayquaza. Each plush will be a RRP of 2,200円, while the cheaper mascots will be 1,200円 each. Stickers of each Mega will also be available at 200円 each, and Gacha Figures will be 300円 each from machines inside Centers. (See The A4 Clearfile designs).


Also the Crepe Pattern merchandise has been released. They feature Crepe-Style Plush (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pikachu, Squirtle) available at 1,300円 each. Mini Beanbag 'Tsum Style' Plush (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Mew, Pikachu, Snorlax, Squirtle) sold at 600円 each. A4 Clearfiles sold at 240円 each, and Two designed Cloth Gift Bags at 2,000円 each, with Four designed Coin Purses sold at 1,300円 each. Pouches of Four designs available at 1,800円 each, Four hand towels at 1,300円 each. And finally Ca.Crea Notebooks sold at 450円 each, as well as masking tape at 580円 each - both with four different designs. Also below is the recently revealed items that were officially announced without images (Now available on click) :



(Preorder any merchandise Worldwide via Sunyshore).


Notice : Chaos games and Entertainment have begun to distribute pre-orders of the North American Johto Edition Monopoly.

Johto Monopoly Edition

Pokémon GO Released in Japan/Monopoly Johto Edition details/'World Series Pikachu'/Ditto Transform Set 3/Sun & Moon information scheduled - 22/07/2016

GO Entry 04:36am. Johto update 04:39am. Ditto Campaign 04:50am. Sun & Moon information 05:02am. World Pikachu 05:14am. Hiroshima note 05:25pm. New Releases 20:10pm. Upcoming Merchandise 20:20pm - 22/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Notice : New Pokémon Sun & Moon information to come JST 22:00pm, on August 1st.

Notice : Pokémon GO is now available for download on iOS and Android in Japan.


We now have further details and images in high quality of the upcoming Johto Edition Monopoly set for release in North America. In this special Pokémon Johto Edition of Monopoly®, players will travel through all eight Gyms and battle Gym leader Pokémon. Trainer Battle and Professor Elm cards might reward you for Pokémon encounters, or bring an unexpected surprise as players join Pikachu and friends on an adventure through the Johto region. The RRP for the board game is $44.95, and is highly recommended as a collectors piece. Coming very soon, so stay tuned for when game is released. (Contents image).


Includes :

  • 6 Collectible Tokens: Totodile, Togepi, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Pichu and Pikachu (See close up image)
  • Custom Designed Game Board featuring the Johto Region (See close up image)
  • Houses are renamed Poké Marts, Hotels are renamed Pokemon Centers
  • Community Chest and Chance Cards renamed Trainer Battle and Professor Elm
  • Custom themed MONOPOLY® money
  • Instructions


New Ditto Campaign plush have officially been announced and will feature Pichu, Espeon, Umbreon, Raichu and Vulpix. The plush be available at Centers across Japan for 1,200円, while the keychains will be 800円 each and released (Saturday) August 6th. (See Plush / Keychains).


Pokémon Center will be releasing a new series of merchandise known as 'World Pikachu' series one. They feature brand new plush which consist of Pikachu themed in five different countries (America, United Kingdom, Holland, China, and Japan). The series will be available (Saturday) August 6th at Japanese Centers and the each Pikachu plush will be 2,000円, while the mascots will be 1,200円. (See Pikachu plush versions American / United Kingdom / Holland / China / Japan).


Hiroshima Pokémon Center will be releasing a special set of merchandise centered around Magikarp, as part of the 1st anniversary celebrations. A collaboration with Hiroshima Toyo Carp baseball team will also see 'Gold' Magikarp feature in goods. Here is what has been announced to this point : T-shirt kids 3,000 yen, T-shirt adult sizes S / M / L each 3,500 yen, Acrylic Charm 720 yen, A4 Clear File 260 yen, Sticker Magikarp × Karp 220 yen, Muffler Towel 1,000 yen, Hard cover Magikarp × Karp iPhone 6 / 6s 1,880 yen. More images to follow (See badge One / Two). Releases in Japan (Friday) August 5th.


Tomy Monster Collection Rowlet

New Takara Tomy Sun & Moon Monster Collection figures leaked - 21/07/2016

Releases section 17:00pm. Sun & Moon Merchandise 17:03pm. Leaks 17:30pm - 21/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


A new series of leaks have emerged of Pokémon Takara Tomy Monster collection figures, and show Rowlet and Rockruff in small packets. No production information have been made available at this moment, but like our leak of Banpresto plush, we estimate that it will function around the November series of releases to coincide with Sun & Moon games in Japan. Please stay tuned for further details as we get them. (See Rockruff Monster Collection Figure).


Pokémon Sun & Moon preorder bonuses confirmed at :

Pins available at Micromania (€54.99), France.

Figurines available at JB-HiFi ($59.00), Australia.

New Sun & Moon 3DS Cover

New Pokémon Sun & Moon 3DS LL Covers to be released/Bellossom Tropics merchandise line added to U.S Online Center - 20/07/2016

Entry 04:50am. Sun & Moon Merchandise 05:03am. Bellossom Merchandise 15:25pm. Upcoming section 15:42pm. Releases section 16:00pm - 20/08/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Brand new Pokémon Sun & Moon 3DS LL covers are to be released later this year in Japan. Each cover will be available for ¥ 2,354 and are currently listed on Amazon Japan. The first one features the Alola Starters, while the second and third have Solgaleo and Lunala showcased on the front covers. As we now approach the release date for the games we expect more and more merchandise to follow, so please stay tuned as new items will make appearances at any given moment.

(See Lunala Cover)

(See Solgaleo Cover)


Release date for each 3DS LL Hard Cover in Japan - (Friday) November 18th, 2016.


New Pokémon merchandise has been added to the Online Center for the U.S, which is focussed on Bellossom. Here is a look at what has been added, and the RRP for each item. (Purchases from Online Center) :


Pokémon Sun & Moon information reveals six new additions/Hyper Training revealed - 19/07/2016

Entry 14:00pm. Added English trailer 14:08pm. HQ artwork added 14:30pm. Sun & Moon Dex updated 15:10pm. Trailers section 15:22pm. Features section 15:30pm - 19/08/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


New Pokémon Sun & Moon information has been revealed, and with it brings six new additions including Wimpod, Bounsweet, Bewear, Mudsdale, Mimikyu and Comfey. For full information you can refer to our Sun & Moon section.


Also announced is the new Hyper Training function which can be used to increase Pokémon’s power. Traditionally, Pokémon grow stronger by raising their levels and increasing their base stats. However, such power is still affected by the individual strengths innate to each Pokémon. Hyper Training allows Pokémon that have grown to Lv. 100 to increase their individual strengths, which has not been possible in previous Pokémon games. You can now make your Lv. 100 Pokémon even stronger. Hyper Training is done by Mr. Hyper, a new character who can be found somewhere in the Alola region. By using Bottle Caps, a new item obtainable in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, players will be able to carry out Hyper Training on their Pokémon.


Note : The Mythical Pokémon Magearna, planned for distribution in Europe later, will be distributed with a Bottle Cap held item.


New features are coming to the Pokémon Global Link, to make it compatible with Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon and to introduce Friendly Competitions, a new function which allows players to become competition hosts and hold their own original competitions, where they can set the regulations. Two types of Friendly Competition will be available, Online and Live.


Online Competitions— These are competitions which are played over the internet. Players will be matched with an opponent and compete against each other for the best rating. These competitions can be open to Pokémon Trainers all over the world, or they can be set to only allow pre-approved Trainers to enter.


Live Competitions— These competitions allow players to host a competition and play together with friends and other Trainers who are in the same space. The Digital Player ID that contains competition regulations is generated as a QR Code, and by scanning the QR code into a 3DS system, participants can join and battle according to the set regulations.

Best Seller No.1
Best Seller No.2
Best Seller No.3
Best Seller No.4

Sunday Supplement Pokémon Center Weekend news report - 17/07/2016

Entry 20:00pm - 17/07/2016. Merchandise section updated 19:32pm - 18/08/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Another huge weekend of releases took place in Japan just passed, and saw the initial opportunity for fans to preorder the Pokémon Sun & Moon games. Of course this dominated the sales on the Online Japanese Center website, where the Double Pack made it's dominance at 10,756円, which of course will be released November 18th. The interesting thing to note is that the Pikachu 3DS edition console was so high in demand, despite its pricing of 20,302円.


Over the Saturday, brand new Kuttari wave six were also released and Cubone dominated sales online, with both versions reaching the top ten plush sales on the Japanese Online Center list. In the same list, saw the newest Duo Pikachu Monthly plush reach number three, while the Skytree plush were still in high demand, with the shiny version sitting at number two. (Preorder any merchandise Worldwide at Sunyshore).


Stay tuned for next weeks best seller information!

Sun & Moon 3DS LL
Pikachu 3DS LL

Japanese Preorders open for Sun & Moon/New releases updated in Japan - 16/07/2016

New Releases 00:30pm. Sun & Moon Japan preorders 14:30pm. Portugal Sun & Moon notice 16:00pm. Picture Online Center edit 17:59pm - 16/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Preorders for Pokémon Sun & Moon have begun in Japan. This is the first opportunity for fans to preorder the new upcoming 3DS LL consoles featuring Solgaleo and Lunala, as well as the Yellow Pikachu versions. The Double Pack with 2 serial codes, each containing 100 Pokéballs is also available, along with the Artbook and figurine, as well as Amazon Japan exclusive microfiber pouches of Pikachu (Yellow vers.) and Alola starters (Black vers.). Both consoles are available at the Online Japanese Center for 20,304円 per console. (Reference : Sun & Moon Merchandise section).


Note : Gamingreplay have listed that Pokémon Sun & Moon pins are preorder bonuses, and will be available to customers in Portugal. Each preorder bonus will be available for € 42.99. Please await further details as more information becomes available for each Sun & moon preorder bonus Worldwide.


The U.S Pokémon Official Online Center have now updated their error images of Charmander and Squirtle 1:1 plush:

Charmander Poké Plush (Jumbo Size) - 19 1/2" - $59.99

Squirtle Poké Plush (Jumbo Size) - 17" - $59.99


Sun & Moon Preorders Release Date - (Friday) November 18th, 2016.


Sun Collectors Edition
Moon Collectors Edition

Pokémon Sun & Moon retail exclusive merchandise to hit Japan/3DS Sun & Moon Themes revealed - 15/07/2016

Pokémon Official updates 11:39am. EB Games note 11:55am. 3DS themes 12:30pm. Sun & Moon Merchandise section update 10:57pm - 15/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


New Official Sun & Moon exclusive merchandise will be released across several Japanese online and retail stores. There are more officially to be released, however our focus is based on the appearance of Solgaleo, Lunala, Popplio, Litten and Rowlet. Here is the list with images of the Sun & Moon exclusives :


Animate (Game dealer) - Pikachu, Alola Starters Sun & Moon Memo Pad

Nationwide Ion, Daiei direct - One purchase = Ion limited hand strap (Features Solgaleo or Lunala)

Ito-Yokado (Game dealer) - Sun & Moon A4 Clearfile

EDION Group (Game dealer) - Sun & Moon 3 Postcard Set

GEO (Game dealer) - Original Random Sun & Moon Rubber Clips

Circle K Sunkus or via Website - Postcard Size Sun & Moon puzzle

Joshin Denki (Game dealer) - Limited roll paper box + PC wallpaper

FamilyMart - Original Sun & Moon Hand Towel

Fuji & Heiwado (Game dealers) - Original B5 Notebook

Futabatosho (Game dealer) - 3 Limited Sun & Moon magnets

MrMax - A5 Seal Stickers

Yamada Denki (Game dealer) - A4 clear file with handle

Yodobashi Camera - Foil Decoration Stickers

Loppi & HMV - Alola Starter Metal straps set


Two new themes will also be available with the special 3DS bundles coming to Japan. The first features Solgaleo & Lunala and the second one features Pikachu. It is however, unlikely that these themes will be released outside of the 3DS bundles.


Sun & Moon exclusives Release Date - (Friday) November 18th, 2016.

Solgaleo & Lunala UK Figurines

EB Games announce Sun & Moon Collectors Editions/New Japanese Accessories added/UK Leaked images of Solgaleo & Lunala figurines/Sekiguchi Pikachu plush and mascot - 15/07/2016

Sun & Moon 3DS LL accessories 16:37pm. Sun & Moon UK figurines leak 17:00pm. Added HQ scans 18:48pm. Pikachu Sepia Sekiguchi plush 19:50pm - 15/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Pokémon Sun & Moon special EB Games Collectors editions have been announced. They are currently available for preorder in Australia for $69.95 for each package. Along with the official Sun & Moon official Collectors Edition Guide which is also a EB Games online exclusive, which is also live for $59.95. It does state that the Cover Art of both Guides are not final.


New Sun & Moon 3DS HORI accessories have been confirmed for Japanese release, coming September 30th, 2016 by Amazon Japan. The 3DS clip covers are listed for ¥ 2,678, and the hard pouch cases are to be ¥ 1,706 each. While the hard cover cases will be ¥ 1,490 and 3DS games holders are listed for ¥ 1,382 and will all be released the same day. Each one features either Solgaleon or Lunala.


(See Hori 3DS Case Box of Solgaleo / HQ scan) (HQ scan of Solgaleo / Lunala Hard Case Pouches)

(See Hori 3DS Case Box of Lunala / HQ scan) (HQ scan of Solgaleo / Lunala 3DS Game Holders)


We now have the first leaked image of the UK Solgaleo and Lunala figurines, which will be added by GAME as a preorder bonus. The image shows that the preorder bonuses will feature Steel books at £44.99 each, while the RRP for the 3DS black version with both legendarys Solgaleon and Lunala is £179.99. At this stage the £44.99 each RRP for the figurines can only be assumed, although we await confirmation from GAME UK at this time. Please keep checking back until confirmation comes. (See full leaked image).


Amazon Japan have also added a Sekiguchi Sepia Graffiti style Pikachu plush and mascot key chain. The plush is listed at ¥ 2,376, while the key chain mascot is available at ¥ 1,728, and will both be released July 31st, 2016. (HQ scan of Plush / Mascot)


3DS Japanese Accessories Sun & Moon Release Dates - (Friday) September 30th, 2016.

Sun & Moon exclusives Release Date - (Friday) November 18th, 2016.

New Pokémon Sun & Moon Japanese trailer/CoroCoro next issue to bring Southern Island Guide/U.S Online Center adds new merchandise - 13/07/2016

Entry 09:30am. CoroCoro edit 09:52am. Online Center update 12:10pm - 13/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


A new Pokémon Sun & Moon trailer was revealed on the official Twitter and Youtube accounts. It showcases the first footage of surfing, riding and travelling on Pokémon such as Sharpedo, Tauros, Lapras. The first mechanics were also showcased, although no further information has been revealed regarding the involvement of the trainers bracelet and the Alola Starters. And also shown, is the brand new leaked Pokémon from CoroCoro - Kiteruguma & Mimikkyu.


Edit : CoroCoro leaks fully. Next month's issue of CoroCoro (released August 12th) will hold a special "Southern Island Alola Guide". Please stay tuned while we get further information.


New Pokémon Center Online merchandise has been added to the store. It has added a segement of the Hip Pop Parade Pikachu merchandise line, as well as several new Plush, Pins and TCG. Pikachu Hip Pop Parade T-Shirts are available for adults and kids, with the difference of dark blue for older and light younger trainers (sold for $24.95 each). Also, the range includes a Spiral Notebook (200 Pages) (for $19.95), a mug ($14.95), and a spinning Pikachu keychain ($9.99). (For Purchases at Online Store) The rest of the merchandise added includes the following :

Charmander Poké Plush (Jumbo Size) - 19 1/2" - $59.99

Squirtle Poké Plush (Jumbo Size) - 17" - $59.99

Bulbasaur Poké Plush (Jumbo Size) - 24 3/4" - $79.99

Pikachu Chikorita Cyndaquil Totodile Pokémon Pins - $24.99

Raikou Entei Suicune Pokémon Pins - $18.99

Xerneas Yveltal Zygarde Pokémon Pins - $18.99

Espeon and Umbreon Pokémon Pins - $12.99

Pokémon TCG: BREAK Evolution Box Featuring Ho-Oh and Lugia - $29.99

Pokémon TCG: Red & Blue Collection—Venusaur-EX - $24.99

Sun & Moon CoroCoro leaks

New Pokémon CoroCoro leaks reveal Two Brand New additions for Sun & Moon/North America to get Sun & Moon Steelbook Dual Pack - 12/07/2016

Entry 09:10am. CoroCoro Leaked 15:16pm, added notes 15:20pm. Sun & Moon Steelbook Steelbook Dual Pack - Nintendo 3DS (Amazon Exclusive) 22:30pm. Sun & Moon Merchandise update 22:34pm - 12/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Pokémon CoroCoro leaks are scheduled at any moment, please stay tuned while we update this section of the website once scans occur and information is translated. Please bear in mind that since June 2nd, 15 new Pokémon have been officially announced, so whether Sun & Moon information is in the August issue remains to be seen.


Leaked 15:15pm - The first images from CoroCoro have leaked, bringing us the latest news from Pokémon Sun & Moon.


  • Kiteruguma (Bear) is Normal/Fighting with the abilities Fluffy or Klutz.
  • Mimikkyu is Ghost/Fairy with a new ability called Disguise.
  • Translation in progress as scans develop.
  • People in the Alola region are said to be scared of Kiteruguma
  • Mimikkyu is said to hate sunlight, and prefers dark places. The cloth covering its body is a strategy to avoid the sun. (Note : Clearer image surfaced, information “The reason that Mimikkyu resembles Pikachu…!? It modelled itself after Pikachu goods that were all the rage 20 years ago?! It seems it wants to make friends with humans just like Pikachu“.)
  • New upcoming promotion for a Special Sun & Moon Guide Book if you pre-order the games between July 16th and September 14th in Japan.


Nintendo of America as well as Amazon have revealed that North America will be able to purchase an Amazon exclusive Double Pack of Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon released on November 18th 2016. The Amazon listing is at $89.99 and this double pack comes with a special Steelbook case featuring Solgaleo & Lunala which has space for two cartridges inside. (Order here) (Reference : Sun & Moon Merchandise Section)

Sun & Moon TCG Blister

New 'Pikachu & New Friends' Sun & Moon TCG Blister slated for November 18th - 11/07/2016

Entry 14:30pm - 11/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Following our leak of the New Banpresto Pokémon prize plush set for release on November 18th, a new TCG Pokémon blister pack will be released on the same day in Japan. The four promos released with the blister will feature Pikachu, and the Alola starters Rowlet, Litten and Popplio. Currently, we anticipate this to be the first wave of leaks set full of Sun & Moon merchandise. Please stay tuned for further details as we get them.


Sun & Moon TCG Blister Release Date - (Friday) November 18th, 2016.


Sun & Moon Leaked Plush
Kuttari Set Six

First Ever Litten, Rowlet and Popplio plush leaked/K.Uno U-Treasure & Kuttari Set Six/Confirmation of Mega Campaign Plush Set 2 and merchandise/Pattern merchandise - 08/07/2016

K.Uno 04:40am. Servers crash 06:04am. Kuttari update 09:21am. Mega Campaign goods 09:30am. Pattern update 09:41am. Final edit 09:58am. Sun & Moon plush 12:15pm - 08/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Pokémon K.Uno U-Treasure luxury goods have been officially announced on their official website. They consist of Pikachu rings, a Pikachu necklace, Gengar ring, and a Pokeball accessory box. The collection is set to be released (July 8th), and we will update more information as it follows :


Pikachu Platinum Engagement Ring - RRP ¥ 339,000

Pikachu ring silver × K18 yellow gold - RRP ¥ 99,000

Pikachu solitaire ring silver × K18 yellow gold - RRP ¥ 59,000

Pikachu & monster ball necklace silver × K18 yellow gold - RRP ¥ 38,000

Pikachu pairing Ladies silver × K18 yellow gold - RRP ¥ 28,000

Gengar ring - RRP ¥ 22,000

Pokeball Box - RRP ¥ 4,000 (400 limited production, to first customers). (Confirmation on Official Site)


Kuttari set six has been officially announced via the Official Japanese site, and feature Zorua, Quagsire, Jirachi, Cubone, Growlithe and Absol. They will be sold in Centers for 860 yen each, and available from July 16th, 2016 (Saturday). Pictured above in article.


Mega Campaign series two plush have also been confirmed following last weeks announcement via YouTube. The confirmation also reveals the release with Key Chain Mascots and Figurines. The figures will be sold at 278 yen per figure, while the standard Plush will be 2,200 yen each, while the cheaper mascot key chain will be available at Centers for 1,200円 from July 23rd, 2016 (Saturday). (See Upcoming Releases section.)


New Pattern style plush of Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Pikachu will be released on the same day as the Mega Campaign and feature an entire range of merchandise. The plush themselves will be available for 1,300円, and along with these will be Mini Beanbag style mascots also which feature Mew and Snorlax as well as the aforementioned mons. To be sold at 600円 per mascot. (Preorder any merchandise Worldwide via Sunyshore).


The first ever plush of Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio 23cm prizes have been leaked and will be released November 18th, 2016. More information to follow as we get it. (See Sun & Moon Merchandise section.)


Kuttari Set 6 Release Date - (Saturday) July 16th, 2016.

New Mega Campaign Release Date - (Saturday) July 23rd, 2016.

Pattern Merchandise Release Date - (Saturday) July 23rd, 2016.

Rowlet, Litten and Popplio plush prize Release Date - (Friday) November 18th, 2016.

Pokémon GO app officially launched in the U.S/Junichi Masuda at Masterclass Japan EXPO in France/Salandit confirmed - 07/07/2016

Go Entry 05:05am. Expo notice 12:02pm. Edit Expo - Salandit revealed 13:00pm - 07/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Pokémon GO is now officially available on Android and iOS devices in the United States. The release of the app follows the surprise launch of GO in Japan and Australia. Any further release announcements will be made as news develops.


A new announcement at the Japan EXPO will be made by Game Freak Director Junichi Masuda, at the end of the Masterclass show. This section of the news feed will be updated once the information comes.

Edit : Earlier today at the Japan Expo in Paris, Junichi Masuda took to the stage to unveil the brand-new Pokémon Salandit that can be found in the Alola region. (See Pokémon Sun and Moon section.)


New Pokémon XY & Z Banpresto plush have now been released in Japan. The plush consist of 13cm size Volcanion, Zygarde Core and 50% forme, along with Sylveon. Large 28cm Volcanion and Zygarde Core plush, as well as Shiny Mega Gengar and winking 23cm Pikachu have also been released today, as part of the XY & Z range. 'I LOVE PIKACHU' Pichu and Raichu cushions have also been released, in what has been a busy day for Japanese releases. (See New Releases section.)

Shiny Mega Rayquaza Statue at Skytree

Sky Tree Town Pokémon Center Officially opens/G.E.M Brock and Joy images/Pokken Action Heroes update/New November Banpresto plush & New Online Center additions - 06/07/2016

Banpresto notices 05:03am. Pokken Lucario & Mewtwo HQ batch 10:53am. G.E.M Brock/Joy HQ batch 11:03am. Opening article 17:09pm. Picture credit of Shiny Mega Rayquaza statue to Sunyshore. AmiAmi notes 18:59pm. Pokemon Online Center additions 22:00pm - 06/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Sky Tree Town Pokémon Center has now officially opened its doors for the first time today. The Centers opening hours are 10am until 9pm, and every official product listed is now available for purchase. Inside the Center itself features a Shiny Mega Rayquaza, Regular Rayquaza with Pikachu, Torchic, Mudkip and Treecko statues. For purchases and merchandise details please see yesterdays information update. (Blind packaged Rubber keychains HQ scan now available)

Banpresto are scheduled to release new Cyndaquil, Snorlax large plush, along with a set of laying 'I LOVE PIKACHU' plush, and 'I LOVE MEW' plush and key chains. (See Upcoming Section).


AmiAmi have announced that the Pokken Tournament Lucario & Mewtwo VAH figurine will be released October 16th, 2016. RRP listed as 6,264円 per figure, and both will be approximately 11cm in height. Also, the G.E.M figurines of Brock and Nurse Joy will also be released for the same price via AmiAmi, and be released October 16th, 2016. (See Figurines Section).


Brand new Pokémon merchandise has been added to the Online U.S center. The following is now available for purchase :


Rayquaza Statue at Skytree

Sky Tree Town Pokémon Center preopening/Shiny Rayquaza event goes live - 05/07/2016

Entry 09:29am. Picture credit of Rayquaza statue Takashi Mochizuki. HQ Daisuki images 10:51am - 05/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Today in Tokyo at Skytree Tower, lucky fans had the opportunity to enter the preopening of the new Sky Tree Town Pokémon Center, which officially opens to the public tomorrow. Showcased on shelves were the two new merchandise ranges which will be featured at the Center as exclusives. The merchandise range is segregated into two sections, one of the Rayquaza themed merchandise, and the other being the Skytree Pikachu design. New TCG boxes will also be available for 2,500 yen per box. Contents:


Notes : Shiny Rayquaza Skytree Event exclusive for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to be given from July 6th until September 4th. It will be level 100 with moves Dragon Ascent, Draco Meteor, Fly and Celebrate. This went live at the preopening.

A Black Star promo will be distributed (232/XY-P) for every 5 packs + purchased at the center, while stocks last.

Free limited keychain distributed for every 4,000 yen spent at the Center. From July 9, 2016 (Saturday) to September 4 (Sunday) weekends and holidays, a total of 20 days during this period will see the appearance of life size mascots appearing at the Center. HQ Daisuki images of Pikachu Rayquaza poncho & Skytree plush, Skytree plush back, A4 Skytree Clearfile, Towel design one and two. (Preorder any merchandise Worldwide via Sunyshore) (Reference : New Releases section)


Full list:

Pokémon Center Skytree Pikachu/Rayquaza poncho Merchandise



Pokémon Center Skytree Pikachu Merchandise


  • 3 cans set Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town - 650 yen
  • Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town Pikachu Plush - 2,000 yen
  • Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town Pikachu Keychain Plush - 1,200 yen
  • Rubber Pins collection Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town - 450 yen
  • Triple Keychain - 650 yen
  • Special Towel design - 1,300 yen per towel
  • A4 clear file set Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town - 400 yen
  • Post card set Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town - 400 yen
  • Seal Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town - 400 yen
  • Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town Bag - 2,000 yen
  • Edo glass glass Pokemon Center Sky tree Town - 8,000 yen
  • Two Pens set Pokemon Center Sky tree Town - 660 yen


Official Sky Tree Town Pokémon Center Opening Date - (Wednesday) July 6th, 2016.

Summer Festival Special Artwork

New Pokémon G.E.M figurines/Pokkén figurines preorders set to open in Japan/Pokemon Summer Festival and Petit Mascot released - 02/07/2016

G.E.M Preorder Entry 00:00am. Merchandise release update 07:14am. Summer Festival image batch 07:43am. HQ images of G.E.M figurines and Pokken figurines 16:19pm - 02/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


As reported back in May, new G.E.M Brock and Nurse Joy Pokémon G.E.M figurines that are slated for October release will be available for preorder Thursday the 7th of July, 2016. MegaHouse have scheduled the figures to be sold at 5,800 yen per figurine. They were showcased alongside the latest releases of Team Rocket, which have been hugely popular in Japan since release. (Reference Figurine section)


G.E.M Brock with Vulpix & Geodude/Joy with Chansey Figurines Preorders Opening Date - (Thursday) July 7th, 2016.

Pokkén Tournament Mewtwo & Lucario Figurines Preorders Opening Date - (Thursday) July 7th, 2016.


The new Pokemon Summer Festival merchandise (See Collection image) and Petit mascots have now been released in Japan. (Preorder any merchandise Worldwide via Sunyshore) (Reference : New Releases section)

Summer Festival merchandise line in full :


New Pokémon Sun & Moon trailer reveals 7 brand new additional Pokémon (English Version) - 01/07/2016

Entry 11:30am. Artwork screenshots added 12:16pm. Sun & Moon page updates 12:31pm - 30/06/2016. Scheduled entry of official announcements at 14:00pm. Complete update and HQ images 15:29pm - 01/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Following a series of leaks, it is now confirmed through the Japanese Official YouTube channel that seven new Pokemon have been revealed. The following has just been officially confirmed:



More will officially follow at 14:00 GMT time, or 22:00pm JST which will feature more Sun & Moon information. Be sure to keep checking back while we update our news section and Sun & Moon section also. Edit : 14:10pm Details of CoroCoro leaked Pokemon revealed. Pages added HQ artwork and full details of New Pokemon. Sun & Moon Merchandise & Screenshots sections added.


Name: Rockruff (Special Artwork Picture one / Picture two)

Type: Rock

Rockruff has an excellent sense of smell, and once it has smelled an odour, it doesn’t forget it. There are tales of these Pokémon getting separated from their Trainers, then using the faintest traces of their scent to track them for days until they are reunited.


Name: Komala (Special Artwork Picture one / Picture two)

Type: Normal

No one has ever seen a Komala awake. It eats, travels and even battles while sound asleep. According to ancient people, its saliva can be used as medicine for the sick or sleepless. Komala has the Comatose Ability which keeps it perpetually in a drowsing state, preventing it from getting any other status conditions.

Sun & Moon Double Pack

New Pokémon Center preorder bonuses announced/New Parker accessories/Denim 3DS pouches/Mega Campaign 'Series Two' Plush to be released - 01/07/2016

Entry 06:07am. Pouch Accessories 06:17am. Sun & Moon preorder bonus 06:30am. 1st Anniversary Hiroshima Artwork note 07:00am. New Mega Campaign 07:50am - 01/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Brand new preorder bonuses for Pokémon Sun & Moon have been confirmed for all Pokémon Centers in Japan. From July 16th 2016, customers can obtain a Solgaleo or Lunala figurine (Depending on version bought). Note : If both games are purchased/or Double Pack set, then both figures and a special art book will be distributed as gift with the games.


The second wave of Pokémon Center Hiroshima Anniversary goods will be added on (Saturday) July 16th, 2016. This features brand New Artwork applied to the tote bag and A4 clearfile as we reported in June.


A few new mini lines of merchandise have been announced (Preorder any merchandise Worldwide via Sunyshore) :



The next series of Mega Campaign merchandise is set to be released on July 23rd, 2016.


  • Mega Campaign Plush (featuring Mega Gallade, Mega Gardevoir, Mega Mawile, Mega Diancie, Mega Ampharos, Mega Lopunny & Mega Rayquaza) - 2,000 yen each plush


Pokémon Sun & Moon Preorder Opening Date - (Saturday) July 16th, 2016.

Parker Pouch Accessories Release Date - (Saturday) July 16th, 2016.

New Mega Campaign Release Date - (Saturday) July 23rd, 2016.

Denim Pokemon Pouches for 3DS Release Date - (Thursday) August 25th, 2016.

TOMY Shaymin Plush
TOMY Shaymin Figure
Mythical Shaymin TCG Box

New Pokémon Shaymin TOMY 20th anniversary merchandise released this month/U.S Pokemon Center online updates new products - 01/07/2016

Entry 05:15am. Pokemon Center additions 11:37am - 01/07/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Toys R Us will be opening preorders this month for the Shaymin 20th anniversary plush and figurine, which will be available for preorder shortly. Previously the releases were quite unorthodox and you were able to obtain certain releases early (eg Mew, Celebi etc), but it seems strict availability is now in place to make the release more in tune with the monthly timings. Some retailers have suggested that the Mythical TCG box will be released strictly on Wednesdays, due to new PCi rulings, however we will notify any alterations. Also, be sure to get your level 100 Mythical Shaymin event via Nintendo Network, which is available to collect as a free gift (See events section)


For those of you in North America, brand new Pokemon Center plush have been added in dedication to the month of July, which is known as the month of Mythical Shaymin. Shaymin (Land Forme) Poké Doll Plush (Standard Size) - 5 inch is available for $12.99, and Shaymin (Sky Forme) Poké Doll Plush (Standard Size) - 7 inch is available for the same price. Additional merchandise added to the Online U.S Center (Purchases here) :



Shaymin Mythical merchandise Release Date - (Friday) July 1st, 2016.

Shaymin Pokemon Center Online merchandise Release Date - (Friday) July 1st, 2016.

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