May 2016
Kyoto Ho-oh Pikachu Mascot
Kuttari Set Five


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Each article by Pokéshopper - Paul Ryan

Next set of Pokémon Center Kuttari series five plush leaked - 30/05/2016

Entry 09:09am - 29/05/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The first image of the next batch of Kuttari has now been revealed, and will feature 6 brand plush with a RRP of 928円 per plush. The new series will have Minccino, Pachirisu, Emolga, Vulpix, Lilligant, and Marshtomp. It will be a huge release as with all Kuttari plush, have been so successful that overseas releases to the U.S online center have been made. They are to be released in Japanese Centers on June 18th, 2016. (Preorder any merchandise Worldwide at Sunyshore).


Kuttari Series Five Release Date - (Saturday) June 18th, 2016.

Best Seller No.1
Best Seller No.2
Best Seller No.3
Best Seller No.4

Sunday Supplement Pokémon Center Weekend news report - 29/05/2016

Entry 21:40pm - 29/05/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


This week saw the release of the new Psyduck plush, however it didn't make the top sellers list on the online Japanese Center website (It was third in the plush best sellers list, however.) Instead, the dominance of the metal charms continues with a cheap 154円 RRP resulting in a surge in popularity. Since last week Sylveon became sold out, the latest charms to make the list have been Mew and Jirachi as well as the Eeveelutions maintaining high popularity as the set continues to make the top sellers list. The set of charms are sold at 1,029円 and make a leap from 3rd to 2nd in the best sellers list. The key chains of Substitute slip into third but are still strong sellers in a very interesting list which looks to keep its trend, as little releases are due for the next two weeks. (Preorder any merchandise Worldwide at Sunyshore).


Stay tuned for next weeks best seller information!

ARTFX J レッド Red Figurine
ARTFX J レッド Red Figurine
ARTFX J レッド Red Figurine

Red Figurine complete colour at EXPO2016/Pokémon G.E.M Brock and Nurse Joy figurines showcased - 28/05/2016

Entry 11:00am - 28/05/2016. Gallery 11:40am (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The EXPO2016 spring festival has take place in Japan, and at the show it has showcased the first full colour prototype of the ARTFX J レッド Red Figurine. The figurine will have a Pokeball stand, with Pikachu posing at the base. It is unknown to this point when it will be released, however the full colour design indicates it will be over the next few months, with the price still being not known to this point in time. Designed artwork of Red is by Artist Hitoshi Ariga (Picture credit : HobbySearch).


(Picture credit : AmiAmihobbynews) has also confirmed the release of MegaHouse G.E.M figurines of Nurse Joy and Chansey, as well as Brock with Vulpix and Geodude. They will be both released in October this year and scheduled to be sold at 5,800 yen per figurine. They were showcased alongside the latest releases of Team Rocket, which have been hugely popular in Japan since release.


Official ARTFX J レッド Red Figurine Release Date : TBC

Official G.E.M Brock with Geodude and Vulpix Release Date : October, 2016.

Official G.E.M Nurse Joy with Chansey Release Date : October, 2016.

G.E.M Brock
G.E.M Nurse Joy
Skytree Pikachu Full Art
Skytree Pikachu Full Art

Pokémon Official Japanese site reveal XY BREAK Special TCG Rayquaza Box - 27/05/2016

Entry 10:00am - 27/05/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The Japanese online official website has been updated and the new announced TCG XY BREAK box featuring the Rayquaza Skytree mascot has been revealed. As we anticipated yesterday, two full art versions will be made to complete the box, along with the standard deck box, protection sleeves (limted designs), storage box and 5 packs of cards, four of which are the XY11 series. The Pokemon company will release the boxes on the same day as yesterdays merchandise reveals and will be sold at the center for 2,500 yen. Stay tuned for exciting high quality images.




  • Premium Full Art card "Pikachu wearing a poncho (Rayquaza ver.)" / One
  • Premium Full Art card "Pikachu wearing a poncho (Shiny Rayquaza ver.)" / One
  • Expansion pack XY11 Mega Gardevoir / Volcanion / 2 Packs each
  • Expansion pack "Emerald break" / one pack
  • Deck Case / one
  • Deck shield (62 pieces) / one set
  • Long card box / one


Official Release Date : (Wednesday) July 6th, 2016.

Skytree Mascot Plush
Skytree Mascot Keychains
Skytree Mascot Plush
Skytree Mascot Badge
Skytree Mascot Plush
Skytree Mascot Plush
Skytree Mascot Plush
Shiny Rayquaza Event

Pokémon Center Skytree Merchandise revealed by Famitsu & Gamer JP - 26/05/2016

Entry 16:20pm - 26/05/2016. 05:33am Twitter Notice / Famitsu Source / Gamer JP Source - 12/05/2016. Gallery added 17:39pm (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


It has been revealed that new Pikachu Rayquaza plush will be released with a whole entire range of merchandise, to commemorate the grand opening of the new Pokemon Center, based at Skytree tower in Tokyo, Japan. The plush will also feature a shiny Rayquaza plush crossover with Pikachu, as well as key chain mascot versions, and Skytree tower Pikachu plush, both standard and key chain versions will also be available. Limited edition carrier bags will be distibuted to shoppers at the Center of new Pikachu Rayquaza standard and shiny artwork on the front and back.


The merchandise range is segregated into two sections, one of the Rayquaza themed merchandise, and the other being the Skytree Pikachu design. To help break this down we have provided a price guide below with two seperate sections. To begin with away from plush is a new set of charms, pins, badge, A4 clear files and stickers all with Rayquaza poncho designs. The rubber key chain collection will be blind packaged as with previous releases, but any secret version is yet to be confirmed. A new XY BREAK TCG box collection dedicated to the Skytree mascot will be released, most likely leading to a full art promo as released for Mega Tokyo and Hiroshima collections.


With the Pikachu merchandise, the focus will be on the Skytree complex itself, along with Pikachu holding the building. A new glass of the Skytree design will be sold as a collectable item, along with two new towels of different design, 3 cans set, 9 badge pin set (blind packaged), new pen set of 2, and two different A4 clear files, with the aformentioned design.


Notes : Shiny Rayquaza Skytree Event exclusive for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to be given from July 6th until September 4th. It will be level 100 with moves Dragon Ascent, Draco Meteor, Fly and Celebrate.

A Black Star promo will be distributed (232/XY-P) for every 5 packs + purchased at the center, while stocks last.

Free limited keychain distributed for every 4,000 yen spent at the Center.

From July 9, 2016 (Saturday) to September 4 (Sunday) weekends and holidays, a total of 20 days during this period will see the appearance of life size mascots appearing at the Center.


Full list:


Pokémon Center Skytree Pikachu/Rayquaza poncho Merchandise

  • Pikachu Rayquaza poncho plush standard or shiny - 2,000 yen
  • Pikachu Rayquaza poncho key chain standard or shiny - 1,200 yen
  • Limited Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town Badge pin - 630 yen
  • Charms set of two - 500 yen
  • Pins - 630 yen
  • A4 clear file set Rayquaza Poncho - 400 yen
  • Sticker 2 pieces set - 500 yen
  • Pikachu Rayquaza Poncho pens - 660 yen for set of two
  • Purse - 600 yen
  • Blind packaged rubber key chain collection Rayquaza Poncho - 500 yen each
  • BE @ RBRICK Pikachu Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town ver - 1,500 yen
  • TCG XY BREAK Special BOX Rayquaza Poncho - 2,500 yen
  • Bag RED or Bag GREEN - 2,000 yen each
  • Handkerchief - 340 yen each


Pokémon Center Skytree Pikachu Merchandise

  • 3 cans set Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town - 650 yen
  • Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town Pikachu Plush - 2,000 yen
  • Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town Pikachu Keychain Plush - 1,200 yen
  • Rubber Pins collection Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town - 450 yen
  • Triple Keychain - 650 yen
  • Special Towel design - 1,300 yen per towel
  • A4 clear file set Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town - 400 yen
  • Post card set Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town - 400 yen
  • Seal Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town - 400 yen
  • Pokemon Center Sky Tree Town Bag - 2,000 yen
  • Edo glass glass Pokemon Center Sky tree Town - 8,000 yen
  • Two Pens set Pokemon Center Sky tree Town - 660 yen


(Preorder any merchandise Worldwide at Sunyshore).


Official Release Date : (Wednesday) July 6th, 2016.

Special Delivery Pikachu Set
Kanto Set of 4 pins
Team Rocket set of 3 pins
Kanto Birds set of 3 pins

Pokémon Online U.S Center adds ten new pin sets - 25/05/2016

Entry 16:00pm - 25/05/2016. Approximately added around 10:29am Twitter notice (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


New Pokémon Pins have been added to the online Pokémon U.S Center, and feature the special delivery Pikachu pin with Pokéball, Great ball, Ultra ball and Master ball special pin set with lanyard. The second most expensive recent adition is also the Kanto starter set of pins, which will be hugely popular, leading to a somewhat more heavy price tag. The packs of three pins will all be listed at $18.99 and feature the Dragonite evolution line, the Kanto Legendary birds, the Goodra evolution line and a pack of three Rocket edition set of pins.


The lower end of the price range will be $12.99, but for this you'll only be able to get two pins and they will be of Hoopa and Unbound version, Eevee and Vaporeon (Other Eeveelutions yet to be confirmed), Magikarp and Gyarados, and finally Whimsicott and Substitute. (Shop for products here).


  • Special Delivery Pikachu and Poké Balls Pokémon Pins Starter Kit (Includes Lanyard) - $34.99
  • Pikachu Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle Pokémon Pins (4 Pack) - $24.99
  • Team Rocket Logo Zubat Rattata Pokémon Pins (3 Pack) - $18.99
  • Articuno Zapdos Moltres Pokémon Pins (3 Pack) - $18.99
  • Dratini Dragonair Dragonite Pokémon Pins (Evo 3 Pack) - $18.99
  • Goomy Sliggoo Goodra Pokémon Pins (Evo 3 Pack) - $18.99
  • Hoopa Unbound and Hoopa Confined Pokémon Pins (Evo 2 Pack) - $12.99
  • Eevee and Vaporeon Pokémon Pins (Evo 2 Pack) - $12.99
  • Magikarp and Gyarados Pokémon Pins (Evo 2 Pack) - $12.99
  • Whimsicott and Substitute Pokémon Pins (2 Pack) - $12.99


Pins Official Release Date : (Wednesday) May 25th, 2016.

Best Seller No.1
Best Seller No.2
Best Seller No.3
Best Seller No.4

Sunday Supplement Pokémon Center Weekend news report - 22/05/2016

Entry 16:10pm - 22/05/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Following last weeks gap, our report was postponed due to the amount of news that dropped around that time centered around merchandise. However, this weekend has been a quiet one so it has enabled us to talk about how the new Substitute merchandise has dominated the sales chart all week. In particular, the keychains and online exclusive Japanese Pikachu plush have remained on top of the sales charts the majority of the week. The Substitute mascot keychain plush as well as bag did make it onto the list throughout the week, as well as the Substitute standard plush, and A4 clear file.


A new top pick section was added approximately 48 hours ago, featuring the re-release of metal charms which have ben listed in Pokedex appearance order to make it easy to navigate. Most notably is the Eeveelution charm set released back in 2011, have been a huge release this week, sold at 1,029円 for the set. Sylveon, which was of course released in 2014, was re-released and sold out within 24 hours due to popularity of Sylveon. The metal charm was available at 154円 but it is unclear whether it will be restocked at a later stage. (Preorder any merchandise Worldwide at Sunyshore).


Stay tuned for next weeks best seller information!

Sun & Moon Collectors Guide
Sun & Moon Paperback Guide

Pokémon Sun and Moon Guides first information released with HQ images - 21/05/2016

Entry 13:00pm - 21/05/2016. Original Tweet notice 09:17am 17/05/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The new Pokémon Sun and Moon guide books will be available on the day of release with the games, which will depend on your country of origin (November 18th rest of World, and 23rd for Europe). Ever since the addition of the guide books on to the GameStop US website on the 17th of May, 2016, more details have emerged with a high quality image via Amazon US. We can now give a more thorough account of what will be included within the cheaper paperback Official Strategy Guide ($24.99) and the more expensive hardback Official Collector's Edition Guide ($39.99), and the differences with the two versions.


Summary by Amazon : "Be prepared for each part of your journey with the step-by-step walkthrough and extensive hints in Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon: The Official Strategy Guide! From your first steps as a Trainer and through your adventure, this guide has the info and tips to help you play like the very best."


Collectors Edition Guide includes:


  • Premium Hardcover (Not included in Paperback)
  • Bonus Content (Only available in the Collector’s Edition)
  • Detailed walkthrough of the brand-new Pokémon games! (Both Editions!)
  • Locations of where to catch Pokémon! (Both Editions!)
  • Lists of moves, items, and more—including how to obtain them! (Both Editions!)
  • Helpful tips for getting the most out of communication features! (Both Editions!)
  • Pullout map of the region! (Both Editions!)


Note : The collectors editon has already made its way onto the best sellers list, as well as the Pokemon Moon 3DS game itself.


(Collectors Edition)

(Paperback Edition)


North American, Japanese, Australian Release Date : (Friday) November 18th, 2016.

European Release Date : (Wednesday) November 23rd, 2016.

New Magearna Plush
New Psyduck Plush
New Jigglypuff Plush
New Monthly Duo Plush
New Poliwhirl Plush
New Ampharos Plush
New TCG sleeves

Pokémon announce First Ever Magearna Plush/New Plush line/Pikachu 'Marine Day' monthly duo/TCG sleeves - 20/05/2016

Entry 06:04am - 20/05/2016. Gallery added 07:00am, Final edit 07:59am. Zygarde Collection TCG Box 10:28am. Sun & Moon information set for 22:00pm JP time June 2nd 10:44am. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


A huge amount of news surfaced on the official Japanese website today, which features the confirmation of six new upcoming plush. To begin with, we start with the XY & Z movie plush, which features the first ever Magearna that will be released Saturday the 4th of June. Poliwhirl, Ampharos, Jigglypuff will also feature as new plush in this range. A new Psyduck plush will be featured also, however this will be released a week earlier on Saturday the 28th of May.


  • Psyduck Pokemon Center Official Plush - 1,200 yen
  • Poliwhirl Pokemon Center Official Plush - 1,200 yen
  • Ampharos Pokemon Center Official Plush - 1,200 yen
  • Jigglypuff Pokemon Center Official Plush - 1,200 yen
  • Magearna Pokemon Center Official Plush - 2,000 yen


The next plush confirmed to be released will be the next Monthly Duo Pikachu 'Marine Day' edition plush. It will again be priced at 2,600 yen and will be released Saturday June 18th. These plush are sometimes mistaken for being sold seperately, but this isn't the case as they come as an exclusive pair, and this edition is a cute companion for the beach!


New POKEMON WITH YOU charms are also to go on sale next month, with a RRP of 250 yen per charm, they will be hugely popular. The new editions will feature Ash-Greninja, Charizard, Jirachi, Lucario, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, and Sylveon. The charity goods are to help raise money, and used in support of children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.


The final merchandise editions will be of new TCG sleeve protectors, all of which will feature four brand new designs. The designs will be of Mega Gardevoir, Fossil pattern, Mega Steelix, as well as Meowth covered by Mareep and Swablu. These will go on sale in Japan with a RRP of 362 yen per pack of sleeves, and will be available Friday June 17th, 2016. (Preorder any merchandise Worldwide at Sunyshore).


Psyduck Pokémon Official Plush Release Date - (Saturday) May 28th, 2016.

Magearna and New batch of Pokmon Official Plush Release Date - (Saturday) June 18th, 2016.

'Marine Day' Pikachu Monthly Duo Release Date - (Saturday) June 18th, 2016.

'POKEMON WITH YOU' New Charms Release Date - (Saturday) June 4th, 2016.

Pokémon TCG sleeves Release Date - (Friday) June 17th, 2016.




Zygarde TCG Collection box revealed. Product Summary:

It's time to bring a little order to the chaos of Pokémon battling - and Zygarde is just the Order Pokémon to do it! Encounter multiple Formes of this Legendary Pokémon with the Pokémon TCG: Zygarde Collection!



A sculpted figure of Zygarde Complete!

A never-before-seen foil promo card featuring Zygarde!

4 Pokémon TCG booster packs to expand your collection!

A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

Listed at GameStop US for $19.99

Zygarde TCG Box Collection
New Merchandise
New Merchandise
New Merchandise
Zygarde 10% Plush

Sun & Moon Update/Pokémon U.S Online Center adds 24 new products/Comic-Style Pikachu range - 18/05/2016

US Online Center Entry 09:30am - 18/05/2016. Sun & Moon update 10:16am. Masuda Tweet 10:56pm (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Sun & Moon : The Official Japanese Pokemon twitter account has confirmed that brand new Pokémon Sun & Moon information is set to be officially announced on June 2nd. Masuda Tweet : Junichi Masuda quote tweets the official account notice, states information will be shown in new video.


U.S Online Center Update : The U.S Online Center has added a huge amount of releases, most notably the new comic-style Pikachu range. The range of merchandise includes a clothing line of eight variety sizes of hoodies, as well as the accessory messenger bag, with the same aesthetic design. Also in the range is a new 200 page notebook, as well as a glass tumbler with the comic-style Pikachu designed all over the products. In terms of TCG accessories, a new playmat has also been included, and a large D-Ring binder where you can store your most valuable cards.


Today also sees the debut of the Zygarde 10% plush outside of Japan, which follows the Ash-Greninja release which we reported about last month. Along with the plush release, sees 5 new spinning keychains added which are centered around Tyranitar, Wobbuffet, Ursaring, Pikachu and Blissey. In terms of TCG, the shiny Kalos tins have now been released which feature Complete Forme Zygarde, Shiny Xerneas, and Shiny Yveltal EX cards. Lastly, the Red and Blue collection box Blastoise edition has also been released with the figurine. (Note : European bundle comes with Jumbo card instead of figurine) (See New Products here).


New Comic-Style Pikachu range:


  • Pikachu Comic-Style Messenger Bag - $199.95
  • Pikachu Comic-Style Relaxed Fit Hoodie - 8 sizes - $69.95 each
  • Pikachu Comic-Style Spiral Notebook (200 Pages) - $19.95
  • Pikachu Comic-Style Trading Card Game 1" D-Ring Binder - $16.95
  • Pikachu Comic-Style Tumbler - $14.95
  • Pokémon TCG: Pikachu Comic-Style Playmat - $24.99




  • Zygarde 10% Forme Poké Plush (Standard Size) - 12 1/2" - $22.99
  • Tyranitar and Mega Tyranitar Spinning Keychain - $9.99
  • Wynaut and Wobbuffet Spinning Keychain - $9.99
  • Teddiursa and Ursaring Spinning Keychain - $9.99
  • Pichu and Pikachu Spinning Keychain - $9.99
  • Chansey and Blissey Spinning Keychain - $9.99
  • Pokémon TCG: Shiny Kalos Tin (Zygarde-EX, Shiny Xerneas-EX, Shiny Yveltal-EX) - $19.99 each
  • Pokémon TCG: Red & Blue Collection—Blastoise-EX - $24.99


U.S Online Center Release Date : (Wednesday) May 18th, 2016.

SAN-EI Series 3

Pokémon SAN-EI series three to be released - 17/05/2016

Entry 07:40am - 17/05/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The latest ALL STAR collection of plush has been scheduled for release, and production has been published on the official SAN-EI website. The entire range will consist of 15 plush added to collection which follows series one and two released in Februrary 2016. The collection will feature Clefairy, Vulpix, Snorlax, Mewtwo, Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Ampharos, Marill, Ralts, Shinx, Zorua, Chillarmy, Vanillish, and Litwick. These are currently available to preorder (Preorder any merchandise Worldwide at Sunyshore).


  • Clefairy ¥1,600 W15 × D16 × H13cm
  • Vulpix ¥2,000 W19 × D15 × H17.5cm
  • Snorlax ¥1,800 W13.5 × D18.5 × H10.5cm
  • Mewtwo ¥2,600 W14 × D12 × H25.5cm
  • Pichu ¥1,600 W19 × D9 × H21cm
  • Cleffa ¥1,600 W15 × D14 × H15cm
  • Igglybuff ¥1,600 W11.5 × D10.5 × H14.5cm
  • Ampharos ¥1,800 W13 × D16.5 × H19cm
  • Marill ¥1,600 W15 × D11 × H14cm
  • Ralts ¥1,600 W10 × D13 × H19.5cm
  • Shinx ¥1,600 W17 × D10 × H19.5cm
  • Zorua ¥1,600 W13 × D18 × H18cm
  • Chillarmyx ¥1,600 W17 × D10.5 × H21.5cm
  • Vanillish ¥1,600 W11 × D9.5 × H18cm
  • Litwick ¥1,600 W11 × D11 × H19.5cm


Release Date : Scheduled Mid-July, 2016.

Substitute Merchandise
Substitute Merchandise
Substitute Merchandise
Substitute Merchandise
Substitute Merchandise
Substitute Merchandise
Substitute Merchandise
Substitute Merchandise

Pokémon Official Substitute Merchandise revealed in High Quality via Daisuki - 13/05/2016

Entry 13:10pm - 13/05/2016. Adding gallery 13:40pm (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The entire merchandise range for the highly anticipated Substitute collection has now been revealed. The first imagery for the hoodie and pyjamas make for an exciting news reveal, as well as a good look in high quality, at the entire collection. The main attraction to this colleciton will be the plush of both Substitute Pikachu as well as the same plush edition with a blackboard. The re-release of the Super Size Substitute will also be a hugely sought after item, once it becomes available. The marker board Pikachu plush will be an online exclusive item in Japan, however these can be shipped by our Official partner All items can be shipped from Japan, from Sunyshore in link. (Preorder any merchandise Worldwide at Sunyshore). Full list of products and prices :

Figure Collection - 278 yen

Pikachu Substitute plush - 2,200 yen

Pikachu mascot key chain plush - 1,300 yen

A4 double-pocket clear file - 370 yen

PET seal - 800 yen

Hand towel - 500 yen

Face towel - 1,000 yen

Acrylic Charm collection - 500 yen

T-shirt (S / M / L) - each 3,000 yen

T-shirt (XL) - 3,200 yen

Mug - 1,300 yen

Pouch - 1,200 yen

Pass Case - 1,150 yen

Purse - 730 yen

Socks - 500 yen

Cookies - 980 yen

Parker Hoodie (S / M / L) - 5,600 yen

Parker Hoodie (XL) - 5,800 yen

Pyjamas - 5,000 yen

Knit Hat - 2,500 yen

Special Pikachu marker board Substitute plush - 2,700 yen (ONLINE EXCLUSIVE!)

60 cm super size Substitute plush - 13,000 yen (RE-RELEASE!)


Japanese Substitute Merchandise Release Date : (Saturday) May 14th, 2016.

CoroCoro TCG Leak

Pokémon CoroCoro leaks now revealed/M Gardevoir EX/Sun & Moon additional information - 12/05/2016

Entry 09:40am - 12/05/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


CoroCoro scans are emerging for the June edition and we have the first look at the highly anticipated XY11 TCG series. As seen on the official Japanese Twitter account yesterday, Volcanion will feature as a dual-typing which gets re-introduced to the TCG series. However, we can see that Shiny Azumarill and Mega Shiny Gardevoir EX will also feature the dual-typing mechanic, as part of the new series of Pokemon cards. The English print details were available yesterday (XY11: Steam Siege featuring Volcanion as mascot). The Japanese release date will be June 17th, while the International release is August 3rd.


English print :

  • 8 dual-type Pokémon cards
  • 6 Brand New EX cards
  • 2 Mega Evolution cards
  • 7 BREAKS cards
  • Volcanion Elite Trainer Box 'Steam Seige'


Sun & Moon Notice : CoroCoro has confirmed that next month's issue (July issue) will have a news scoop on Pokémon Sun & Moon. Please stay tuned to this news section as we'll update promptly as news emerges.

Pokémon Sun Boxart
Pokémon Moon Boxart

Pokémon Sun and Moon information video now available/New Plush items available at online US Center - 11/05/2016

Entry 14:00pm - 11/05/2016. US Items added 17:09pm (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Following yesterdays huge news drop, we can provide people with additional information that may, or may not have gone unnoticed. CoroCoro still hasn't leaked to this point in time, so it is possible something else may come other from what was showcased in both the international trailer and Japanese one. Please cross refer to the article below this one, as we add more information about the games as time develops, as we will stay on top of any news of the games. Be sure to leave your thoughts via our YouTube channel or any other of our social media pages.


News Date : (Tuesday) May 10th, 2016.


Brand new plush have been added to the online Pokemon Center in the U.S which will feature the latest Pokemon secret doll keychains released in Japan. Also, Ash-Greninja plush will be featured on the Online Center for the first time. The graduation edition Pikachu has also been added, making it 10 total new products for today onwards for those in the US to enjoy.


Ash-Greninja Poké Plush (Large Size) - 13" - $32.99

Secret Base Poké Doll Keychains (Clefairy, Cyndaquil, Lapras, Ditto, Pikachu, Mudkip, Swablu, Wailmer) - $8.99 each

Pikachu Celebrations: Graduate Pikachu Poké Plush (Standard) - 8" - $17.99


(Buy and view here)


Pokémon Sun and Moon first information released/Official YouTube Trailer shows first footage - 10/05/2016

Entry 21:00pm 09/05 - Scheduled Entry 13:05pm Trailer Breakdown - 10/05/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Scheduled entry : New Pokémon Sun & Moon information is revealed:


  • New starters revealed!
  • First in game footage revealed!
  • Box art with both Sun & Moon mascots revealed on box artwork!
  • Rowlet is the Grass / Flying type starter.
  • Popplio is the water type.
  • Litten is the Fire starter.
  • It is scheduled for release in the U.S, Australia and Japan on the 18th of November, 2016.
  • It is scheduled for release in Europe on the 23rd of November, 2016.
  • The Pokémon Sun & Moon region will be named Alola, with a tropical style landscape.
  • Trainer skin customisation available, also variety of shirts changed in Japanese trailer.


Official Note : Meet the three new first-partner Pokémon that will join Trainers on their adventures in the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games!


Name: Rowlet

Category: Grass Quill Pokémon

Height: 1 '00 "

Weight: 3.3 lbs.

Type: Grass/Flying

Starting Move: Leafage (New Move introduced!)


The first of the potential partners is the highly adaptable Grass Quill Pokémon, Rowlet. This Pokémon can fly silently through the skies, sneaking up on its opponent without being noticed. It can attack its opponents using powerful kicks, and it can also attack from a distance using the razor-sharp leaves that form part of its feathers. Rowlet can survey its environment and turn its neck nearly 180 degrees from front to back, so it can see directly behind itself. When in battle, Rowlet turns its head to face its Trainer when waiting for instructions.


Name: Litten

Category: Fire Cat Pokémon

Height: 1 '04 "

Weight: 9.5 lbs.

Type: Fire

Starting Move: Ember


The cool-headed Fire Cat Pokémon, Litten, is the next choice for a first-partner Pokémon. Litten’s fur is rich in oils and is immensely flammable. It constantly grooms itself by licking its coat, collecting loose fur into balls. It then ignites these hairballs to create fireball attacks. When the time comes for Litten to molt, it burns off all of its fur in one glorious blaze.


Name: Popplio

Category: Sea Lion Pokémon

Height: 1 '04 "

Weight: 16.5 lbs.

Type: Water

Starting Move: Water Gun


The third possibility is the acrobatic Sea Lion Pokémon, Popplio. Popplio can create balloons made of water from its nose and utilize them to create a variety of different strategies and attacks in battle. This Pokémon is better at moving in the water than on land, and can swim at speeds over 25 mph. On land, it uses the elasticity of the balloons it creates to perform jumps and acrobatic stunts.


09/05 note : New information for Pokémon Sun and Moon is to be revealed, and it has been teased by Junichi Masuda on his (Personal blog), that a trailer is set to feature on the official Pokémon YouTube channel, for Japan. It is most likely that the international account on YouTube will also feature the new trailer, showcasing the information that will be released. At this point it is difficult to say what will emerge, however, last months CoroCoro teaser almost guarantees that box art will be revealed for the new games.


Sun and Moon Trailer Release Date : (Tuesday) May 10th, 2016.


  • 9pm Tokyo, Japanese Local Time
  • 2pm Paris, France Local Time
  • 1pm London, England Local Time
  • 8am Washington, U.S Local Time
  • 5am L.A, U.S Local Time
Best Seller No.1
Best Seller No.2
Best Seller No.3
Best Seller No.4

Sunday Supplement Pokémon Center Weekend news report - 08/05/2016

Entry 21:10pm - 08/05/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Another week of sales has been totalled, and still unmoved at the top is the Eevee campaign t-shirts, making it three weeks running since its re-release in Japan. The t-shirts feature each Eeveelution and is a blind-secret packaged shirt, so you never what which Eeveelution you might get. Secondly, for the second consecutive week, sees the blind-packaged tin Dot series keep its place on the list, which features each pictured tin in picture two, but also has Mew as a secret tin.


Following the Saturday release of the new Ditto Campaign series number two, the Gengar and Eevee editions have made the list of best sellers, removing the popularity of the Ho-oh and Lugia Kyoto Pikachu crossover plush, just after one week of release. Unsurprisingly, Gengar has been best seller out of the series which also featured Poliwag, Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon as part of the Ditto Transform plush series number two. We do expect these plush to maintain the popularity for some time, and may even gain higher sales by next week. (Preorder any merchandise Worldwide at Sunyshore).


Stay tuned for next weeks best seller information!

Ditto Campaign No.2
Ditto Campaign No.2
Ditto Campaign No.2
Ditto Campaign No.2

Pokémon Ditto Campaign Plush released in Japan today - 07/05/2016

Entry 00:00am - 07/05/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Ditto transform goods part number two will be release nationwide today in Japan. This new collection will feature Kanto Eeveelutions as well as Eevee itself. Also added are Gengar and Poliwag which will be released alongside the key chain version of these very plush. Each plush will be available across Japanese Centers at 1,200 yen, while once again the key chain mascots will be 800 yen as they were with the first series. (Preorder any merchandise Worldwide here).


Ditto Campaign No.2 Release Date : (Saturday) May 7th, 2016.

Pokémon Sun and Moon first information to be released - 06/05/2016

Entry 07:00am - 06/05/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The new Sun and Moon website in Japan has updated a small notice in red stating "2016年5月10日(火)新情報公開", that new information is set to be published Tuesday, 10th of May 2016. It was also confirmed by Junichi Masuda (GAME FREAK inc director) that the featured information will be uploaded at around 9pm local Japanese time. Please stay tuned, as we will update the website to whatever may drop at that time on the day.


News Date : (Tuesday) May 10th, 2016.

Zygarde Complete Forme

XY10 Fates Collide Pokémon TCG set to be released in English - 03/05/2016

Entry 21:00pm - 03/05/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The new TCG series - Fates Collide will officially be released tomorrow for the first time outside of Japan. The series is centered around the mascot Pokémon - Mega Alakazam but also features DelphoxBREAK, LugiaBREAK and Complete Forme Zygarde.


Fates Collide TCG will bring 10 new Pokémon-EX, including 4 Mega Evolution Pokémon, and 5 new Pokémon BREAK cards, most notably LugiaBREAK. The XY series will be moving it's tenth part, with its adaption from Awakening Psychic King XY10 released in Japan March 18th, 2016. The English TCG EX cards will be made up of Altaria-EX, Diancie-EX, Genesect-EX, Glaceon-EX, Umbreon-EX, Audino-EX, Regirock-EX, Kingdra-EX, Alakazam-EX, Zygarde-EX. Mega Evolutions EX cards will be M Altaria-EX, M Audino-EX, M Alakazam-EX.


Pokemon BREAK cards will be made up of Omastar BREAK, Bronzong BREAK, Delphox BREAK, Lugia BREAK, and finally Carbink BREAK. The theme decks feature Zygarde 'Battle Ruler' which is a Fighting/Grass type deck. While 'Sky Guardian' will feature mascot Lugia, which will be a Fire/Fairy type deck.


Products Introduced include:


  • XY10: Fates Collide Booster Packs (10 cards per pack, plus TCGo code)
  • XY10: Fates Collide Elite Trainer Box (8 Boosters, 65 Sleeves, Card Box, 45 Energy Cards, Instructions, Players starter kit)
  • XY10: ‘Sky Guardian’ And ‘Battle Ruler’ TCG Theme Decks
  • XY10: ‘Fates Collide’ 3-Pack Blister Boosters with Promos (Vivillion or Froakie)
  • XY10: ‘Fates Collide’ 3-Pack Pin Blister (Mega Alakazam or Zygarde)


English Release Date : (Wednesday) May 4th, 2016.

M AlakazamEX
M AudinoEX
Darkrai Sugimori Artwork
Darkrai Month Goods

Pokémon TCG Fates Collide available at US Online Center/Darkrai 20th Mythical campaign begins - 02/05/2016

Entry 21:00pm - 02/05/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Today has been full of updates and here we begin with the online U.S center, which has added the blister packs, elite trainer box and theme decks for Fates Collide - XY10 TCG series. A new product list will be added below, along with the other additions made to other areas of news which tie in with the Darkrai monthly campaign. A new Ken Sugimori Artwork piece has been added to the online center, featuring Darkrai with Palkia and Dialga. This is not coincidental considering the TCG and merchandise range were released today, and follows the event which began globally yesterday.


Official Note : The second edition of a framed art print of the Darkness Pokémon Darkrai by Pokémon master artist Ken Sugimori. This Legendary Pokémon has long been a fan favorite, and this limited-edition print brings it to vivid life. Grab a piece of Pokémon history with this high-quality, archival print! This framed art ships flat and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Limited to 50 individually numbered pieces for this edition. To purchase visit the Online U.S Center site (See here).


  • Darkrai Framed Art Print by Ken Sugimori - $249.95
  • Pokémon TCG: Darkrai Mythical Pokémon Collection - $12.99
  • Pokémon TCG: XY—Fates Collide 3 Pack Blister (Vivillon or Froakie) - $11.99 each
  • Pokémon TCG: 3-Pack Pin Blister (Mega Alakazam or Zygarde) - $14.99 each
  • Pokémon TCG: XY—Fates Collide Sky Guardian Theme Deck (60 cards) - $12.99
  • Pokémon TCG: XY—Fates Collide Battle Ruler Theme Deck (60 cards) - $12.99
  • Pokémon TCG: Elite Trainer Box XY—Fates Collide - $39.99
XYZ Events

Pokémon XYZ Events confirmed/Kalos TCG tins officially revealed - 02/05/2016

Entry 21:25pm - 02/05/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Also, following last years events in Japan, new XY & Z anime events of the legendary Kalos Pokémon will be available via Nintendo Network for one week only. Official Note : Celebrating the debut of Pokemon the Series: XYZ, for a short time, you can get three powerful Legendary Pokémon from the Kalos region—Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde—via Nintendo Network! What's more, the Xerneas and Yveltal you'll receive are Shiny, making them incredibly rare, especially for a Legendary Pokémon! These Pokémon are all Lv. 100, and know their signature attacks as well as other powerful moves.


  • May 2nd–8th : Zygarde
  • May 11th–17th : Shiny Xerneas
  • May 20th–26th : Shiny Yveltal


New! Kalos Tins also revealed : Three great Legendary Pokémon-EX are revealed in the Pokémon TCG: Shiny Kalos Tin! Choose the forest majesty of Shiny Xerneas-EX, the destructive force of Shiny Yveltal-EX, or the battle-ready power of Zygarde-EX! Each of these rugged tins contains a mighty Pokémon-EX from the Kalos region—ready to battle and ready to win!


Contents per tin :


  • 1 of 3 special foil Pokémon-EX cards: Shiny Xerneas-EX, Shiny Yveltal-EX, or Zygarde-EX
  • 4 Pokémon TCG booster packs
  • A code card to unlock a playable deck in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online
Kalos TCG Tins
Best Seller No.1
Best Seller No.2
Best Seller No.3
Best Seller No.4

Sunday Supplement Pokémon Center Weekend news report/Darkrai merchandise to be released - 01/05/2016

Entry 00:10am - 01/05/2016. Edit 08:52am (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Following our beginning of the sales count for merchandise in Japan last week, little changes have been made in terms of the best sellers list for the Online Center. Still on top of the best sellers list remains the Eevee blind packaged t-shirts from last years Pokemon Time merchandise range, where each Eeveelution and Eevee were sold at Centers. In second place sees the newly added Dot Series secret tins which come in blind-packages also, which the mystery Pokemon inside. The tins feature Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee, Lapras, Gengar, Ditto, Poliwhirl, Magnemite, Jigglypuff, Oddish, Pokeball assortments, and the secret rare Mew can.


Lugia and Ho-oh Pikachu Kyoto plush still make the top four list but move below the cans, and Lugia still remains to outsell the Ho-oh crossover. What is incredibly interesting about this is the recent additions of Dolce key chains of Jigglypuff, Sylveon or Male/Female Pikachu didn't make the list, ensuring that the Kyoto plush still hold a high level of popularity, in Japan at least. In next weeks supplement however, we do expect the Ditto transform campaign number two to absolutely crash this list. However, we can only wait and see. (Preorder any merchandise Worldwide at Sunyshore).


Stay tuned for next weeks best seller information!


Also, as we are now in Darkrai month, a new t-shirt, keychain and lanyard have been added to GameStop U.S online store. The t-shirt is on sale for $14.99, while the keychain and lanyard are retailed at a price tag of $6.99 each. The UK will also have a sketched style Darkrai t-shirt and this will be on sale for £14.99p per shirt, sold exclusively at GAME. These releases are in honour of the mythical collection release of Darkrai, which is the May Pokémon mascot for the 20th anniversary celebrations. The global level 100 event also begins today, and the merchandise line of TOMY plush, and figurine will begin tomorrow (02/05/2016).


GameStop Darkrai U.S merchandise - (See details)

GAME Darkrai UK merchandise - (See details)

Darkrai T-Shirt
Darkrai Keychain
Darkrai Lanyard
Darkrai UK T-shirt
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