November 2016

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Kyoto Ho-oh Pikachu Mascot


Leaked Vulpix Banpresto Plush

Pokémon Banpresto plush leaked sales scans for April emerge - 28/11/2016

Update notes 09:30am. Scans 10:15am - 28/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The latest Pokémon Banpresto leaks have emerged, and as we move swiftly into the Sun & Moon series, new additions are starting to make consistent appearances. The first of the batches is new Alolan Vulpix and regular Vulpix plush, which will be a large 24cm in height. Also, of the same size will be a Komala Banpresto plush.


As part of the 'I LOVE EEVEE' plush range will be new 30cm Eevee version, as well as 25cm Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon and Sylveon. As part of the Kororin range, will be a Mew and Mewtwo plush coming in a large 26cm form of each. The final plush will be a laying Pikachu 26cm size by length. If any other scans emerge, we will of course post them as soon as possible. All these plush are coming to Japan in April, 2017.


Alolan Vulpix Plush

Pokémon Center Online Japanese weekly sales roundup - 27/11/2016

Update notes 09:30am - 27/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The online Pokémon Center Japanese sales have been active and interesting all week, with the top sellers lists changing throughout each day. With the release of the games Sun & Moon, it helped merchandise lines forward, with many items selling out due to a heavy demand. Unsurprisingly, the Alolan Vulpix PC plush sold out a few days ago, after dominating the top selling plush in the list, followed by the standard starter size plush of Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio.


In terms of the sales for accessories, the new "Welcome to Alola!" merchandise has been in high demand too, with the new Alola charm bracelet selling out, along with Lillie's bag and the mini poster of the main piece of artwork for the line, totally selling out online. The other plush release that made the top 10 list was Rockruff, who has consistently appeared on the list, and is currently at No.7.

Rowlets Garden

New Pokémon Center 'Rowlets Garden' merchandise to be released - 26/11/2016

Update 09:20am - 26/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The Pokémon Center have started to pin poster notices in Japan, showcasing a new merchandise range called 'Mokuroh's Garden'. Of course the main feature is Rowlet, but also features other Bird Pokémon such as Pikipek, Piplup, Natu, Torchic and more. A tote bag, purse and hand bag will be released, along with tea set, bed set, and clothing within this exciting series. We don't have price details of yet, however we will post once the online Japanese site updates. This range will be released on December 17th (Saturday), so we estimate further will follow very shortly.

G.E.M Ash with Charizard & Pikachu

Pokémon G.E.M Ash with Charizard and Pikachu figurine revealed - 26/11/2016

Update 01:10am - 26/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


A brand new Pokémon G.E.M figurine of Ash and Pikachu riding Charizard has been showcased at the Mega Hobby EXPO in Japan. The figurine hasn't been given a price or any further details other than the expected release date being in 2017. However, as developments come, we will of course post more in future.

Meowth PC Bandai Plush

New Pokémon 'PC Bandai Meowth' plush revealed - 24/11/2016

Update 02:00am - 24/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


A brand new Sun & Moon Pokémon plush of Meowth has now become available for preorder in Japan. The Keyboard Rest that it holds features many new editions from the latest games which include Mimikyu and Bewear, as well as the usual Rocket additional appearances of Jesse, Koffing, Ekans and Wobbuffet. The current price for Meowth with the keyboard rest is 5,616円, and preorders start today and end on the 28th of February, 2017. The plush size is approximately the width of about 52 cm × height of about 50 cm × depth of about 34 cm. This plush follows the previous releases of Eevee, and Pikachu.

PPP Green with Pidgeot

New Pokémon 'Perfect Posing Product' Green with Pidgeot figurine revealed - 23/11/2016

Update 15:00pm - 23/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


A brand new Pokémon figurine has been revealed via Amazon Japan. Following the release of PPP Cynthia, Steven and more recently Diantha, Green will be added to the upcoming list for 2017. The release date is August 31st, 2017, with a RRP of 7,344 yen for the duo. The figurine of Green will be approximately 150mm tall, and will be finished with PVC full colour, along with the Pidgeot stylized in half art format as seen previously with Garchomp, Metagross and Mega Gardevoir. Note : Preorders for this figurine will be available in Japan (24/11).

Sapporo Merchandise Line

New Pokémon Daisuki Sapporo Gallery - 22/11/2016

Update 07:37am - 22/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Following the official Pokémon Center announcements from last Friday, brand new Daisuki images have been published showcasing the entire Sapporo relocation merchandise line. Once again as a reminder we will give you a list of what has been listed for sale, along with the high quality images, to help you get a good idea of what is to come out. This merchandise line will be released exclusively in Japan on December 1st, and here is what will be released :



Sapporo limited goods :


Sapporo Artwork

New Pokémon Center Updates/Sapporo goods to be released in Japan - 18/11/2016

Update 09:07am - 18/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


New 'Pokémon with You' metal charms are to be released in Japan on December 3rd, and will feature Litten, Popplio, Rowlet, Rockruff, and Togedemaru which will be available for 250 yen per charm.


Pokémon Centers will be stocking the latest Sapporo plush nationwide across Japan it has been confirmed. Along with the main series line of plush featuring Alolan Vulpix, Pikachu and Popplio, key chains will also be scheduled for release on December 1st, 2016. Here is a full breakdown of what will be released, with cost per item as stated :



Sapporo limited goods :


New K.Uno collection

New Pokémon K.Uno Umbreon, Espeon, Mew Jewelry to be released - 18/11/2016

Update 01:37am - 18/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The high quality jewel maker K.Uno will be returning with new Pokémon necklaces and earrings of Espeon, Umbreon and Mew. They will be released November 20th (Sunday) in Japan, and each have a different price structure, with each necklaces costing as follows :


  • Mew : 15,000 yen (Silver), 58,000 yen (K18 white gold, K18 yellow gold, K18 Pink Gold) or 68,000 yen (Platinum 950).
  • Espeon or Umbreon : 12,000 yen (Silver), 55,000 yen (K18 white gold, K18 yellow gold, K18 Pink Gold), and 65,000 yen (Platinum 950).


Earrings cost :


  • Mew : 15,000 yen (Silver), 39,000 yen (K18 white gold, K18 yellow gold, K18 Pink Gold) or 48,000 yen (Platinum 950).
  • Espeon or Umbreon : 12,000 yen (Silver), 36,000 yen (K18 white gold, K18 yellow gold, K18 Pink Gold), and 45,000 yen (Platinum 950).
Sun & Moon 3DS Theme
Sun & Moon 3DS Theme

New Pokémon Sun & Moon DS themes go live in Japan - 18/11/2016

Update 01:07am. U.S Update 17:40pm - 18/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


2 brand new Pokémon Sun & Moon themes are now available at the Japanese eShop for 200 yen per theme. The first theme as mentioned yesterday features both Solgaleo and Lunala. The second theme features new artwork from the latest Sun & Moon merchandise lines to tie in with "Welcome to Alola" theme. These themes will go live in North America tomorrow, and should go live in Europe next week during release overseas.


Note : North America themes now added to eShop, available for $1.99 per theme.

Special Artwork by Kawayoo

Pokémon Sun & Moon games set to release/New merchandise announced/Anime trailer released - 17/11/2016

Australian release 13:00pm. Japanese release 15:00pm. Notes 15:21pm. Anime trailer 17:22pm - 17/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Pokémon Sun & Moon games are set to go live digitially across the globe, we will be providing updates in our dedicated Sun & Moon sections so be sure to check them out as details progress. We will not be posting spoilers in our news section however, so you can still enjoy other areas on the site without getting spoiled. The main news updates will go below this feed, in chronological order as follows :


  • 12:20pm - Munchlax Sun & Moon gift event with Snorlium Z 'Z-Crystal' now begins. (Event expires January 11th, 2017.)
  • 13:01pm - Sun & Moon now available via the Australian eShop.
  • 14:00pm - New Sun & Moon 3DS themes to go live featuring Solgaleo & Lunala, the other having a tropical theme.
  • 15:00pm - Games now available via the Japanese eShop.
  • 17:22pm - Volcanion and and the Mechanical Marvel will air on the 19th of November, and the new anime season first look on the 20th of November in partnership with CITV in the UK (Marathon begins December 5th in the U.S on Disney XD). Additional air dates for Pokémon animated content on the channel will be announced at a later date.


New merchandise has also been added in schedule for release tomorrow. These all feature Sun & Moon Pokémon, which will be available in keychain form for 648 yen each. Includes the following Pokémon :



On top of these will be new pass cases of Rowlet, Litten, Popplio and Togedemaru each available for 1,296 yen.

New swinging keychains are also set for release, which feature Pikachu, Mimikyu, Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Raichu for 1,080 yen per keychain.

"Welcome to Alola" Merchandise

New Pokémon Center Releases/Sun & Moon merchandise updates - 17/11/2016

Entry notes begin 10:00am - 17/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Pokémon Sun & Moon releases are now in motion, with Japan set to release the games in a few hours, a whole entire range of merchandise lines will follow by Nintendo, Pokémon Center, Tomy and more. While we appreciate the volume of information may be too much, our Sun & Moon Merchandise section and Sun & Moon Plush section has all the information needed to make fans aware of releases. We will provide in this section a basic update of what has been released, as well as any surprise announcements that come into the early hours of the morning (UK Time). We will be providing coverage for the next 24-48 hours so any news that does develop will be broadcast here. Let's enjoy playing! Here's a list of updates : To be released in Japan November 18th


Hardware & exclusives :


  • New 3DS XL Black Solgaleo and Lunala/Yellow Pikachu consoles
  • Pokémon Sun & Moon digitial and physical copies
  • Pokémon Sun & Moon Preorder Bonus (Japanese Figurines and Artbook)


Pokémon Center :


  • Pokémon Center "Welcome to Alola" Merchandise with Rotom Dex additions
  • Pokémon Center 1:1 Rowlet, Popplio, Litten plush, as well as mascot keychains
  • Pokémon Center Pikipek, Komala, Rockruff, Togedemaru and Alolan Vulpix


Tomy :


  • Pokémon Sun & Moon Moncolle-EX figurines series (Batch One)
  • Pokémon Sun & Moon Z-Ring with Z-Crystals
  • Sun & Moon Takara Tomy Plush
Holiday Season Merchandise

New Pokémon Center U.S updates/Christmas merchandise now released - 16/11/2016

Entry 10:42am - 16/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Since the release in Japan last month, new Christmas goods are now available for those in the U.S. In the merchandise line is a Pikachu Delibird crossover plush, as well as a Eevee pajama themed 2016 Christmas plush. On top of that, a pin and mug of each plush style is now available, as well as Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio pins to celebrate Sun & Moon launch in the holiday season. (Now available while stocks last) See the full list of added items below :



Also listed is a brand new merchandise line known as Mythical Mania. It features Mythical doll style aesthetics, and includes Pikachu, Victini, Shaymin, Mew, Celebi, Meloetta, Jirachi, Genesect, Darkrai and Manaphy. The range includes Male ($24.95) and Female ($29.95) t-shirts, cap ($34.99), socks ($12.50), Notebook (200 Pages) ($19.95) and Bottle ($29.95). Other misc items:


  • Cresselia and Darkrai Spinning Keychain - $9.99
  • Lucario and Mega Lucario Spinning Keychain - $9.99
  • Paired Pikachu Celebrations Sailor Pikachu Plush - 7.5" - $24.99
  • Mega Salamence-EX Premium Collection - $49.99
  • Mega Garchomp-EX Premium Collection - $49.99
Pokémon Center Plush

New Pokémon Center Plush scheduled for Sapporo release - 15/11/2016

Update 23:37pm - 15/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


As revealed earlier on via our social media pages, new Pokémon Center plush of Popplio, Pikachu and Alolan Vulpix will be included in the merchandise line. Although no information has been revealed about whether these plush are Sapporo exclusive, or to be sold across Japan, we will of course update you on any more news. It is also important to note that no price has been allocated yet.


Previous notes : Also, as part of the Sapporo Center relocation opening, an Alolan Vulpix event will be distributed from December 1st - January 31st. As usual, a TCG promotional card will be given out to customers who purchase 5 or more TCG booster packs. Customers who spend 4,000円 or more in Sapporo, get a limited key holder (Exclusive to Sapporo / Elsewhere). Shoppers will get Exclusive Bags also, akin to previous releases at other Center openings, along with a Thank You card.

New Pokémon Sun & Moon information officially revealed - 14/11/2016

Update 14:01pm - 14/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The Pokémon company have released the last information batch of details for the upcoming titles Sun & Moon, released this Friday 18th of November Worldwide (Except Europe and South Africa which is next Wednesday 23/11). In this trailer sees the official announcement of Alolan Diglett and Dugtrio, new Ultra Beasts known as UB-03 Lighting & UB-05 Glutton and a Mysterious Black Pokémon. As well as new Z-moves for the final evolution starters, here is the details on them :


Z-Move: Sinister Arrow Raid

Pokémon: Decidueye

Decidueye slices through the air together with a hail of arrow quills, crashing into the target before dealing the final blow with its arrows.

Z-Move: Malicious Moonsault

Pokémon: Incineroar

With flames spouting from its flame belt, Incineroar leaps high into the sky and dives straight down onto its target.

Z-Move: Oceanic Operetta

Pokémon: Primarina

Primarina manipulates a huge balloon using its voice, then causes it to explode over its target’s head, dealing a lot of damage.

ARTFX J Ariga Illustration

New Pokémon Serena and Fennekin illustration revealed by Ariga - 13/11/2016

Update 03:07am - 13/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Master Pokémon Artist, Mr. Hitoshi Ariga has begun fan signings of the new Red with Pikachu figurine, and with this event sees a cut out of the new illustration design of Serena with Fennekin, a ARTFX J figure scheduled for 2017 release. Although no official image has yet surfaced of the artwork, we will of course update the website with any further images or information as it is published. Stay tuned for more information as we get it.

Pokémon Pikachu Duo Plush

Hilda with Tepig & Rosa with Snivy to be next ARTFX J figurines/New Pokémon Center updates - 11/11/2016

ARTFX J notes 03:50am. PC Entry 05:00am - 11/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Kotobukiya have confirmed that following the Serena with Fennekin ARTFX J figurine, that Hilda (Protagonist female player character in Pokémon Black and White) will be next in line for release. The figurine is teased to be featured alongside BW starter Tepig. Release date to be determined, but will be sometime later 2017, be sure to stay tuned on further developments. Note : Rosa with Snivy has also been confirmed to be included in scheduled ARTFX J figures, design illustrations estimated for 2017 release.


In Pokémon Japanese official site updates, they revealed that a New Years Pikachu Monthly Duo plush (Meowth crossover) is to be released (Saturday) December 3rd as tenth installment for 2,600 yen. Also, Pokémon Time production images have been revealed and are set to be added. Confirmed release of (Friday) November 18th release as reported two days ago.

151 POLYGRAPH T-Shirts

New Pokémon Center U.S updates/POLYGRAPH 151 campaign begins/Chirimen plush now released - 09/11/2016

Entry 14:30pm - 09/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Following the release a few months ago in Japan, new Chirimen plush of Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur are now available for purchase over in the U.S. This release also includes the popular beanbag plush, which will be sold as a set, which also include Mew and Snorlax as well as the aformentioned plush in beanbag form. As well as these exciting items sees three new TCG boxes, as well as 9 brand new POLYGRAPH 151 t-shirts with unique designs. The designs include Mewtwo, Mew, Ho-oh, Kakuna and more. (Now available while stocks last) See the full list of added items below :


Pokémon Time

New Pokémon Time merchandise line scheduled for release - 09/11/2016

Daisuki update 05:00am - 09/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The return of 'Pokémon Time' merchandise was confirmed today via Daisuki club. New male and female Pikachu plush, along with Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle will feature in the series, and will be available for 2,000 yen per plush. Keychain versions of the plush will be released in the series too for 1,200 yen each, and the entire range will be released at Centers nationwide in Japan on (Friday) November 18th, 2016. Also listed is as follows :


  • Glitter cans collection (Blind packaged) - 500 yen
  • Leather coin case - 2,800 yen
  • Leather pen pouch - 3,800 yen
  • Leather pouch - 4,800 yen
  • Leather card holder - 3,680 yen
  • Clear file two sets (A, B, C, D , E) - each 400 yen
  • Tassel with Pouch (3 designs) - each 1,500 yen
  • Tassel with cushion (2 designs) - each 2,500 yen
  • Notebook (3 designs) - each 380 yen
  • Notebook mini memo (3 designs) - each 200 yen
  • PM hand cream D - 750 yen
  • PM lip cream D - 500 yen
  • Marche bag - 2,000 yen
G.E.M Gary with Eevee

G.E.M Gary with Eevee revealed/New Pokémon Sun & Moon cafe details - 04/11/2016

Cafe update 10:08am. G.E.M Gary Oak reveal 13:25pm - 04/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The next installment of the G.E.M figures is to be Gary Oak with Eevee. We did know about this since our report from last month, however we now have a full colour reveal, along with a reservation date, which will be (Thursday) the 10th of November, 2016. A price is yet to be announced, however it will most likely follow the price brackets of the previous releases.


As reported previously, the Pokémon Café will be returning to Singapore with a Sun & Moon theme. Pokémon Cafe will feature new menu items and original merchandise. The crowd-favourite Pokéball mug has also been upgraded to a Great Ball mug, definitely a collector’s item that fans will not want to miss! The café will be open on (Thursday) 24th of November, 2016 at EwF @ Bugis Junction 4F.

Rotom Dex Plush

New Pokémon Sun & Moon plush/"Welcome to Alola" Merchandise - 04/11/2016

Rotom Dex Plush 01:55am. JP Site update scheduled 05:00am. Notes 05:35am. SM Merchandise update 06:10am - 04/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


New Sun & Moon plush have been announced from the Official Japanese site, and they will introduce Alolan Vulpix, Pikipek, Rockruff, Togedemaru, Komala standard size plush for 1,500円 each. Also, the introduction of the 1:1 lifesize starters will be coming to Japan for 4,800円, along with the mascot keychains available for 1,000円 each, all with a release date of (Friday) November 18th, 2016.


A brand new Rotom Dex Plush will be released by the Pokémon Center, as we understand it. The image source states it will be a Center plush, hopefully we can get confirmation on a date of release along with price at a later date. Be sure to stay tuned as we get more information as it is published. Update : 1,200 yen is the price of the main plush and is released also on (Friday) November 18th, 2016. You can see the full "Welcome to Alola" range in our Sun & Moon Merchandise Section.

Oyasumi Friends Figures
Sun & Moon Swing Keychains

New Pokémon Sun & Moon Oyasumi Friends Capsules/Swing Keychain Mascots revealed - 03/11/2016

Leak 22:43pm - 02/11/2016. Updated information 02:00pm. Swing Keychains 02:10am - 03/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


Brand new Oyasumi Friends Capsule figures are set for release in Japan. These sleepy postured minis will be obtainable from Capsule balls sometime in February, 2017. The cute mini prizes will feature Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, Pikachu and Rockruff. If you wish to refer to more Japanese releases of Sun & Moon Merchandise, please visit our dedicated section. A nailed on release date will of course be added once more infomation is released. Be sure to keep checking the section for updates. Update : These figurines will be approximately 40mm in size, and each Capsule will cost 200 yen.


Also, a brand new series of Swing mascot keychains of Pikachu, Litten, Rowlet and Popplio will be released. Coming to Japan late February 2017, the PVC mascots will be available for 200 yen each, which is the same as the Oyasumi Friends figures.

Special Delivery Pikachu Plush

New Pokémon Center merchandise added to U.S Online site - 03/11/2016

Entry 01:10am - 03/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


For the third time this week, more merchandise has been added to the Online Center in the United States. The Special Delivery Pikachu (Standard Size 7 1/2") plush has been added to the store for $12.99, along with brand new pins somewhat promoting the Sinnoh native Pokémon. They follow the previous releases of Hoenn which were hugely popular, and release just a few weeks after the 10th year anniversary of Diamond and Pearl in Japan. Here is the total list of new merchandise (Now available while stocks last) :


Sun & Moon U.S Plush

U.S Pokémon Center Sun & Moon Merchandise released today - 01/11/2016

Entry 10:30am - 01/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The U.S online Pokémon Center has now released the Official Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio apparel, plush, and accessories. As teased previously, the first life size plush of the Alola starters will be available, along with new t-shirts of each starter, plus socks, notebook, lanyard and water bottle. The merchandise line is as follows (Now available while stocks last) :


TOMY Genesect Plush
Genesect Poké Doll
Genesect TCG Box

New Pokémon Genesect TOMY 20th anniversary merchandise released this month - 01/11/2016

Entry 09:43am - 01/11/2016. (Don't forget to visit our Facebook page for news updates and more.)


The Genesect merchandise is to soon be available for purchase in North America via the official Gamestop website. This range of merchandise follows the previous Mythical distributions, excpet there is no scheduled figurine. This month features a Tomy Plush, and TCG Mythical collection box. The Genesect event is to be available globally, and is available to claim via a distribution retailer (See events section). A doll plush has also been made available on the online U.S Center website.


  • U.S Gamestop/GAME UK - Pokémon 20th Anniversary Genesect Plush - $16.99/£TBA
  • Genesect Poké Doll (Standard Size) - 6" - $12.99
  • PC Online - Pokémon TCG: Mythical Pokémon Collection—Genesect - $12.99
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