- Hilda with Tepig

[ Pokémon ARTFX J トウコ with ポカブ (Hilda with Tepig) PVC Figurine


The Pokémon Trainer from Black & White appeared in Kotobukiya series!

Hilda is the female protagonist in Black and White. She's the counterpart to Hilbert. She is often referred to as White while Hilbert is often referred to as Black.



Hilda is a tall, slender girl with long dark brown hair and blue eyes. Her top hair is covered by her hat, this being why it's unknown what her hairstyle is. In the Adventures Manga, her counterpart, White, has been shown without her hat several times.


Hilda wears a white tank shirt that reaches her waist underneath a black waistcoat and a pair of denim shorts with white tear details on them. She also wears black wristbands with a small pink stripe on them with matching black ankle boots, pink laces and soles, and a pair of black socks underneath. Hilda also carries a pink messenger bag around.


Name (s) : Hilda, White, Shiro, Touko

First Appearance : Black and White (2010)

Rival(s) : Bianca, Cheren

Region : Unova

Hometown : Nuvema Town

Class : Trainer


Hilda [トウコ Touko]

Pokémon ARTFX J トウコ with ポカブ (Hilda with Tepig) PVC Figurine


Here is the fifth installement since the legendary trainer from the very first "Pokémon" games - Red and Pikachu, and second piece, May with Mudkip. Along with figurine number three which is Serena with Fennekin, based on the X & Y anime aesthetic. Following Rosa with Snivy as appearance from Black 2 and White 2, Hilda and Tepig from Black and White arrive! Hilda holds a Pokéball with intent and is accompanied by her trusted starter, Tepig which is ready to burst with flaming energy!

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Release Date

(Hilda with Tepig - March, 2018.)

Official Note : Previous figures have been sold out before the launch.


Order Acceptance Date

Thursday 12pm, September 14th, 2017 until Monday 23:59pm, October 30th, 2017.








Product size

Size: Hilda: Approx. 215mm (including base) / Tepig: Approx. 55mm (including base)



¥8,500 (excluding tax)


Product Specifications

Painted PVC figure






Illustration by master artist Hitoshi Ariga

Pokémon Illustration for ARTFX J Series


Special Pokémon Illustration artwork completed by Master artist - Hitoshi Ariga (Seen below)

Ariga Designed Rosa/Hilda Figurine
Ariga Designed Illustration
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