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The Pokémon Female Character from Sun and Moon appeared in Kotobukiya figurine form!

Lillie is a character who appears in Sun and Moon. She is Professor Kukui's mysterious assistant.



Lillie is a young girl with green eyes and long light blond hair, with two braids at each side of her face. She wears a large white hat, with a blue ribbon around it. Lillie wears a white dress with transparent outlines, a pair of long socks and white shoes resembling ballet flats. She also carries a round bag with a Poké Ball design on both sides.


As later revealed, Lusamine made the choice of Lillie's dress for her, likely with the intent of resembling a Nihilego given her obsession with that species of Ultra Beast. After realizing her mother is too far gone to listen to reason, she changes her outfit to a white sailor-like shirt with a blue ribbon and a skirt with a light blue line. She stops wearing her hat, instead restyling her hair as a ponytail tied together with a braid. She also wears a pink backpack with a white ribbon and white penny loafers with white ankle socks.



Lillie is a mysterious girl who assists the professor for personal reasons. She's not fond of making Pokémon fight in battles, but she loves reading and has devoured many books. Lillie was revealed to have taken a Cosmog from her mother, and along with Kukui and Burnet are studying the Cosmog and its secrets. Lillie will play an important role in the story of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.


Lillie loves to shop and read books. When she is traveling with the player character, she is usually exclaiming to do some shopping of her own, and in cities would tell the player character that she got lost and ended up buying outfits in a shop. Lillie is always getting lost, and the player character has to help her. This happens usually because Lillie is trying to avoid Team Skull grunts, as she is not a trainer, and ended up going in the wrong directions trying to get away from them.


Lillie originally had a close relationship with her mother, as she mentioned sleeping in Lusamine's bed as a child. However, over time, Lusamine started becoming insane, and grew even madder when Gladion escaped Aether Foundation two years before the story begins. She became unbearable to Lillie, so she left as well. When the player character and Lillie meet Lusamine in Ultra Space, she gets the courage to yell at Lusamine for being terrible for trying to control her and stating that "children are not just things that belong to their parents". After Lusamine gets separated from Nihilego, she regains some of her sanity back and touches Lillie's cheek. Lillie eventually decides to travel to Kanto to find Bill so that he may give her the cure for Nihilego's poison. Lillie also decides to go to Kanto to become a true Pokemon Trainer so that she may earn badges and meet and catch lots of wonderful Pokemon.


Lillie [リーリエ Riirie]

Kotobukiya Lillie Figurine

Kotobukiya Pokémon Character Lillie (Accompanied by Clefairy)


Character Lillie from Pocket Monsters Sun and Moon has become included by Kotobukiya for the second time! This time she is featured alongside Clefairy.

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This is not a toy!

Release Date

November, 2018.


Product Code



Order Acceptance Date

From Saturday March 3rd, 2018 (Sat) 10am to Saturday, June 30, 2018 until 23:59pm





Product Size with Notes

About 21cm (including pedestal).

Exact Item Dimensions: 13cm × 10cm.


Amazing Kotobukyia sculpt full of life and motion!

Highly detailed sculpture!

A Pokémon Center Exclusive!


More Details

Country Of Origin: Made in China.

Recommended Age: 14+ years


Product weight




9,180 yen (tax included)A


Product Specifications

Painted ABS&PVC 1/8 scale articulated figure with pedestal included.



PVC (Non-Phthalic acid), ABS.



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Kotobukiya Artwork of Lillie and Clefairy
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