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Plush Tips

OK, lets get started! There are many ways to obtain Official Pokémon pieces of merchandise, and although there are many counterfeits on the internet, there are many ways to avoid obtaining them. If you choose to buy from online markets such as Amazon or eBay, it is advised that you buy listings with actual photographs of the product, as opposed to a production picture that gives no indication of the condition of the listed product. Also, try avoid buying from Hong Kong or China as a vast majority of fakes emerge from these areas. Try buying from Japan which almost guarantees that the product was purchased there.

What to consider when buying

Official Pokémon products will always come with tags from their respective manufacturer, although counterfeits can make decent replications of these. It is highly recommended that you inspect the quality of the stitching when examining pictures of a listing/advertisement of product. If the product looks off in comparison to the official production picture, all of which will be provdided via our social media/news section of the site, then it is best not to purchase without 100% assurance.

Why do you recommend buying Official merchandise?

Official Pokémon products tend to be absolute high quality, and when correctly taken care of, last for many many years. However, while cheaper counterfeits seem like a initial better option based on price, it is highly probable that items will deteriorate. Plush are essentially a waste of money if they aren't likely to last long, so it is benetifical for the buyer in the long term, to buy less, but effectively get a top quality product. Also, there are many potential hazards from poorly made plush, that can pose dangers to younger children, especially with small parts.

Now, let's have a look at some examples of plush sizes, and also the type of plush made by the Pokémon Company.

Rotom Dex
Pokémon Plush Sizes
Pokémon Plush Styles
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