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[ Pokémon Center introduces "Christmas 2017 & Hide N' Seek merchandise lines!"

Announced 2017.10.20

Coming on November 3rd (Friday), the new appearance of Pokémon Center Christmas 2017 will appear across Japanese Centers and Stores! Brand new designs of Pikachu, Rockruff and Alolan Vulpix will feature in plush form, as well as on pins, mugs, metal charms and even more lovely looking merchandise goods! Inside the illustration features many Alola Pokémon such as Bewear, Litten, Popplio, Rowlet as well as many Alolan forms such as Exeggutor, Raichu, and Ninetales.

Also, released on the same day will be a new line known as Hide N' Seek which features blanket, snowman plush and mascot and more. Snover, Alolan Sandshrew and many other unusual Pokémon appear in this merchandise line, making it extremely unique from other lines. Please enjoy these campaigns!

Please see more below!

Pokémon Christmas 2017 Artwork
Pokémon Christmas 2017 Artwork
Pokémon Hide N' Seek Artwork

Product Details

[Pokémon Center Christmas 2017 merchandise line]

Pikachu Plush - 1,800 yen

Rockruff Plush - 1,800 yen

Alolan Vulpix Plush - 1,800 yen

A4 Clearfile - 240 yen

Message Card - 450 yen

PET Stickers - 500 yen

Mug Cup - 1,300 yen

Hand towel - 500 yen

Drawstring - 600 yen

Logo Pin - 600 yen

Stand clip - 950 yen

Metal charm set - 650 yen


[Pokémon Center Hide N' Seek 2017 merchandise line]


Cookie Tin - 860 yen

Plush Doll - 1,500 yen

Plush Mascot - 1,000 yen

A4 Clearfile - 240 yen

Sketchbook - 620 yen

Greeting Card - 400 yen

Masking Tape - 600 yen

Mini Tote Bag - 1,800 yen

Book Cover - 1,500 yen

Hand Towel - 500 yen

Pass Case - 1,500 yen

Flat Pouch - 1,500 yen

Blanket - 3,000 yen

Mug with Lid - 1,400 yen

  • Official release date (Friday) November 3rd, 2017.

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