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[ Pokémon Center launches "Halloween Merchandise Promotion 2017!"


Campaign Announced 2017.08.25

Merchandise 2017.08.25

Acerola 'Mysterious Encounters' 2017.08.25

Coming September 2nd (Sat), Pokémon Center merchandise to celebrate Halloween will be released in Centes, Stores and Online in Japan! It features Bewear dressed as Dusclops, Mimikyu and Pikachu in spooky outfits! Also on September 22nd (Fri) new goods line, "Mysterious Encounters" will be released, featuring Trial captain Acerola of Ula Ula island from Pokémon Sun and Moon! Ghost type Pokémon appear everywhere to celebrate! On Friday, September 22nd, Pokémon Center and Store Nationwide Japanese distribution begins! One Cherish Ball "Shiny Mimikyu" event, that will expire Thursday, November 16th, 2017.

Please see below!

Pokémon Center Halloween Promo
Pokémon Center Halloween 2017 Artwork

Product Details


[National Japanese Pokémon Center items]


Pokémon Halloween Time Plush - 1,800 yen each

Pikachu Size - 22×16×10:cm 118g

Mimikyu Size - 25×18×14.5:cm 85g

Bewear Size - 20.5×17.5×13:cm 132g


Pokémon Halloween Time Mascot Plush - 1,200 yen each

Rowlet Size - 12×8.8×8:cm 47g

Litten Size - 12×7.5×7:cm 54g

Popplio Size - 11×8×13.5:cm 44g

Eevee Size - 13.5×9×13:cm 60g


Squeeze mascot Pokémon Halloween Time Pumpkin Mimikyu/Pikachu - 1,000 yen each

Metal charm set (2 Sets of Pikachu or Mimikyu) - 850 yen each

Logo Pin - 600 yen

A4 3 pocket clear file - 380 yen

PET Stickers - 500 yen

Hand towel - 700 yen

Die-cut memo set - 680 yen

Purse - 600 yen

Pouch - 1,800 yen

Earrings set - 600 yen

Mug cup set - 2,200 yen

Rubber strap collection - 500 yen

Pass Case - 1,300 yen


  • Official release date (Saturday) September 2nd, 2017.

1. On Friday, September 22nd, Pokémon Center and Store Nationwide Japanese distribution begins! One Cherish Ball "Shiny Mimikyu" event, that will expire Thursday, November 16th, 2017. Collectable for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games via (New Nintendo 3DS / New 3DS LL / New 2DS LL / 3DS / 3DS LL / 2DS consoles). Details : Mimikyu ミミッキュ / OT : ポケセン / ID : 170922


Level 10 with Moveset :

  • Astonish
  • Play Rough
  • Copycat
  • Substitute
Acerola Campaign

Pokémon Center Mysterious Encounters Merchandise Line

2. A brand new Pokémon Center merchandise line dedicated to Acerola - Trial captain of Ula Ula will be released on (Friday) September 22nd. We will know more about the contents of this line at the latest, (Friday) September 8th. Update! - 08/09 - New merchandise will also release on October 28th as part of this line! New images for the products have now been added below! Please enjoy!


Low resolution images were provided by Pokémon Center posters promoting the line. Thanks and original credit to Twitter user @blaberid who co-operated with photography for our store partners from Sunyshore. These items are now stocked and available for preorder. All information and images are strictly not to be applied to a website or store without credit to the aforementioned users.


【Sale begins Friday, September 22nd 2017!】


  • Pokémon Center [Free Size] Parkas - 5,600 yen

Data - Length: 64cm. Width: 63cm. Weight: 800g.


  • 5108 Necklaces [Banette, Mimikyu, Chandelure] - 3,800 yen each

Data - 43cm×2.1cm 10g for Banette and Mimikyu. 43cm×2.5cm 10g for Chandelure.


  • Pokémon Center Cushion - 3,000 yen

Data - 40×40×10cm 390g.


  • Pokémon Center Blanket - 3,000 yen
  • Pokémon Center Cork Coaster Set - 450 yen
  • Pokémon Center Face Towel - 1,000 Yen
  • Pokémon Center Folding Mirror - 1,400 yen
  • Pokémon Center Hand Towel - 700 Yen
  • Pokémon Center Multi-Smartphone Cover - 3,000 yen
  • Pokémon Center CROQUIS Sketchbook - 400 yen
  • Pokémon Center A4 clear file design - 240 yen


【Sale begins Saturday, October 28th 2017!】


  • Pokémon Center Drawstring - 600 yen
  • Pokémon Center Tote Bag - 3,500 yen
  • Pokémon Center Pouch - 1,500 yen
  • Pokémon Center Tissue Pouch - 1,100 yen
  • Pokémon Center Pass Case - 930 yen
  • Pokémon Center Hair scrunchie - 1,000 yen

3. Pokémon Centers, Online and Stores Nationwide in Japan will begin a distribution on September 22nd (Friday), for every 2,500 yen (tax included) each purchase, customers receive 1 special clear card! See tne designs above!

3. Pokémon Centers will get special visits from Halloween Pikachu · Bewear · Mimikyu in costumes of Halloween! Visits will take place on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from September 22nd (Fri) to October 31st (Tue)! See PDF schedule!

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