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[ Pokémon Center introduces "Kanto POKÉMON DOLLS Merchandise" in 2018!

Get ready for round, cute form "POKÉMON DOLLS" Kanto series, which features seven popular additions in plush form! They will release it at Pokémon Centers on Saturday, May 26th! And, will join the merchandise promotion as well! In addition to standard items that are easy to use everyday, there are cookies in the form of monster balls that are found inside the tin cans. Nostalgic outdoor goods that also feature in the line, will be great additions for collectors of retro style goods.

Let's enjoy these official cuties in all their glory! They can be imported by our partner store in Japan through Sunyshore!

Please see below!

Announced 2018.05.11

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Legends : Arceus

B Diamond & S Pearl

Sword & Shield

- Official Artwork

- Official Gen 8 Merchandise

- Gen 8 Figurines

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Kanto Plush Dolls

Product Details

[National Japanese Pokémon Center items]

Kanto Pokémon Dolls - 1,200 yen each

Trunk can Cookie - 980 yen

Cube box 2 pieces set - 1,500 yen

Folding mirror - 1,000 yen

Lunch box - 1,700 yen

Multi smartphone cover - 3,000 yen

Soft jacket for iPhone 8/7/6s/6 - 1,880 yen

Folding cushion - 1,200 yen

Vinyl umbrella - 1,500 yen

Clear Bottle - 1,400 yen

Storage container 2 pieces set - 1,000 yen

Campus notes dotted A ruler 5 books pack - 800 yen

Memo (PK / RG) - 480 yen each

Masking tape - 600 yen

Sticky Notes - 600 yen

A4 clear file 2 piece set - 460 yen

2 stickers set - 400 yen each

Flat pouch 2 pieces set - 1,600 yen

Mini Drawstring - 650 yen each

Can Pen Case - 750 yen each

Card Case - 1,300 yen

Lunch Totebag - 2,000 yen each

Double-sided key holder - 600 yen each

Choose from three pairs of socks (8 kinds) * Size: 23 to 25 cm - 1,000 yen

Soft jacket for iPhone X compatible - 2,000 yen

SARASA Pens - 180 yen each

  • Official release date (Saturday) May 26th, 2018.

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