- Lillie Merchandise Line

[ Pokémon Center introduces "Pokémon Lillie Family line Merchandise!"


Following the success of Sun and Moon, the Pokémon Japanese Centers and Stores will get a full line up of Lillie family merchandise! Lillie is the center point of the stories for the games, and to celebrate her bond with Nebby, new TCG products also release! Mini posters, clearfiles, bags, this line has the lot! And Lusamine and Gladion also join the line, resulting in one of the most eagarly awaited merchandise lines of 2017! Silvally, Lunala, Solgaleo and Cosmog are Pokémon that appear with their respective trainers, while Lusamine has Nihilego appear as her Ultra Beast partner! This line also gave the opportunity for a special limited Music Box of Lillie with Cosmog and a Clefairy doll to be made. They can be imported by our partner store in Japan through Sunyshore!

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Announced 2017.06.02

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Product Details


[National Japanese Pokémon Center items]


40×22×12 (H×W×Dcm)


21×21.5×27 (H×W×Dcm)


  • 5 Sets of Can Badges (2 per set) - 600 yen per set


10×8×4.2 (H×W×Dcm)


Solgaleo size 10×16×4.2 (H×W×Dcm)

Lunala size 16×10×4.2 (H×W×Dcm)


10×8×4.2 (H×W×Dcm)


10×8×4.2 (H×W×Dcm)


  • Acrylic stand key holder (5 different designs) - 800 yen each


  • Mini poster (5 different designs) - 400 yen each


  • Croquis Book (5 different designs) - 680 yen each


38×30×10 (H×W×Dcm)


38×30×10 (H×W×Dcm)


70×140 (W×Dcm)


25×25 (W×Dcm)


0.2×48×48 (H×W×Dcm)


15×19.5×1.8 (H×W×Dcm)


23×31.5×0.7 (H×W×Dcm) each file


9×8×0.03 (H×W×Dcm)




  • Postcard 5 pcs set Lillie & Gladion & Lusamine set A - 700 yen
  • Postcard 5 pcs set Lillie & Gladion & Lusamine set B - 700 yen


  • Serif A4 Clear File 3-Pack Set Lillie & Gladion & Lusamine - 900 yen


  • Serif sticker 3 pcs set Lillie & Gladion & Lusamine 1,000 yen


  • Music box Lillie and Cosmog design - 8,500 yen

12×17.5×13cm (H×W×Dcm)

- Note : Item is made to order - December 2017 release

( Preorder from Saturday 10am, June 17th, 2017 until Thursday 23:59pm, 31st August, 2017. )

※ The picture is a pre-painted prototype. Actual products may vary.

※ The hat is removable.

※ Image is official and seen below.



  • Official release date (Saturday) June 17th, 2017.
Music box Lillie and Cosmog design

Lillie Music Box Example Clip

Lillie Box Images One / Two / Three / Four

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