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Pokémon Center Poke Yako Artwork

[ Pokémon Center introduces "Hyaku Poke Yako Merchandise!"

Official Pokémon Center Poke Yako merchandise is here! On Saturday, June 23rd, goods of cool, Japanese style art of Pokémon are to appear at Pokémon Centers and Stores! This is one of the most creative designs for merchandise in the history of its releases. Hyakki Yakō is a concept in Japanese folklore, more commonly referenced as "Night Parade of One Hundred Demons", with each Pokémon representing a particular Yōkai (which are a class of supernatural monsters, spirits, and demons in Japanese folklore.) Several spotted are Vulpix & Ninetales referencing Kitsune, Growlithe & Arcanine represent Komainu, Greninja as Ninja, Mawile as Futakuchi-Onna, Lombre as Kappa, Nuzleaf as Tengu, Phantump as Kodama, Ampharos as Yugong, Kartana as Origami Samurai, plus many more references can be seen!

In addition to plush dolls and stickers, there are lots of products that are likely to make great use even for gifts designed for the home! See more details and the official Daisuki gallery below;

Announced 2018.06.08

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Pokémon Center Poke Yako Artwork

Product Details

[National Japanese Pokémon Center items]

Plush (Alola Vulpix, Vulpix, Greninja, Froslass) - 2,200 yen each

Wood Strap Collection - 500 yen

Washi Stickers - 500 yen

Paper Art Theater - 2,200 yen

Mini Poster - 400 yen

Postcard set - 240 yen

Mini pouch - 1,500 yen

Tote bag - 2,000 yen

Clearfile set - 460 yen

Noren (Artwork, Pattern designs) - 3,500 yen each

T-shirts (Artwork, Pattern designs; Small, Medium, or Large sizes) - 3,000 yen each

Short Wide style Umbrella - 3,200 yen

Folding Fans (Artwork, Pattern designs) - 2,200 yen each

Tenugui Towel - 1,300 yen

Mamezara Plates (Vulpix, Greninja, Froslass, Mawile) - 1,000 yen each

Chopsticks (Vulpix set, Greninja set) - 1,000 yen each

Set of 2 Chopstick Rests (Vulpix set, Greninja set) - 1,200 yen each

Yunomi Cups (Artwork, Pattern designs) - 1,200 yen each

Pins Collection - 300 yen per gachapon

Zabuton Cushion - 2,000 yen

Gold Metallic Sticker - 900 yen

Drawstring Pouch - 1,200 yen

Sacoche Bag - 2,000 yen

Pokemon Card Game Card Sleeves (Artwork, Pattern designs) - 720 yen each

Pokemon Card Game Rubber Play Mat - 2,500 yen

  • Official release date (Saturday) June 23rd, 2018.

Part 2 Merchandise :

Senbei Crackers - 950 yen

Mini Figure Collection - 800 yen

Ringing Chimecho Wind Chime - 1,500 yen

Ringing Bronzong Wind Chime - 1,500 yen

  • Official release date (Friday) July 13th, 2018.