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Official Pokémon Center Mini Figure Collection
Official Pokémon Center Shoulder Pikachu and Ditto Plush
Official Pokémon Center Shoulder Mew and Rowlet Plush
Official Pokémon Center Pikachu Head Band
Official Pokémon Center Pikachu Rucksack
Official Pokémon Center Pikachu Long Muffler Towel
Official Pokémon Center Pikachu Mini Bath Towel
Official Pokémon Center Pikachu Hooded Towel
Official Pokémon Center Pikachu Plush Tails (Male / Female)
Official Pokémon Center Pikachu Mist Fan
Official Pokémon Center Pikachu Face Stickers
Official Pokémon Center Pikachu Shopper Bag
Official Pokémon Center Pikachu Postcards
Official Pokémon Center Pikachu Waterproof Pouch
Official Pokémon Center Yokohama Limited Postcard
Not One but many Pikachu!

Product Details

[National Japanese Pokémon Center items]

Mini Figure Collection - 463 yen ※ Random Choice! Can not be selected.

Pikachu, Ditto, Mew and Rowlet Shoulder Clip Plush - Each 1,667 yen

Pikachu Headband - 1,112 yen

Pikachu Kids Size Headband - 1,112 yen

Backpack M Type - 4,500 yen

Backpack S Type - 4,204 yen

Mascot Pikachu - 704 yen

Mascot with Hair Scrunchie Pikachu - 704 yen

Patching Mascot Ribbon Pikachu - 704 yen

T-shirt Pikachu Big face pattern (S / M / L) - Each 3,000 yen

T-shirt Pikachu Big face pattern (120 Size) - 2,500 yen

T-shirt total handle Pikachu (S / M / L) - Each 3,000 yen

T-shirt total handle Pikachu (120 Size) - 2,500 yen

Hooded T shirt Pikachu (M / L) - Each 3,500 yen

Hooded T-shirt Pikachu (120 Size) - 3,000 yen

Muffler Towel Pikachu - 1,000 yen

Mini Bath Towel Pikachu - 2,000 yen

Hand towel Pikachu - 500 yen

Pikachu Tail Mascot Plush (Male / Female) with chain clasp - Each 612 yen - Also, available with a carabiner clasp - Each 1,000 yen

Face Stickers - 500 yen

Photo Stand - 1,500 yen

A4 2 sheets clear file set - 463 yen

Shopper with zipper - 1,000 yen

Photo Postcards (A ~ J Designs of 10) - Each 186 yen

Waterproof Pouch - 1,500 yen

Mist Fan - 1,806 yen

Ear Cap (S / Regular) - 3,000 yen

[Japanese Pokémon Center Yokohama Limited items]

Yokohama Photo Postcard - 186 yen

Set of 2 Square Limited Can Badges - 602 yen

  • Official release date (Saturday) July 22nd, 2017.

[ Pokémon Center introduces "Not one but many Pikachu, Invasion Merchandise!"

Announced 2017.06.23

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