- Ride on Lapras Merchandise

[ Pokémon Center introduces "Ride on Lapras Merchandise!"


Official Pokémon Center Pikachu riding Lapras merchandise. Includes Plush, A4 Clearfile, Towels, Mascot and more! Coming April 14th, 2018 (Saturday), miscellaneous goods of Pikachu traveling on Lapras will appear at the Pokémon Center! On traveling, Pikachu meets a lot of Pokémon, collects souvenirs, and made memories...


In addition to plush dolls and stickers, there are lots of products that are likely to make great use even for gifts designed for the home! See more details and the official Daisuki gallery below;

Announced 2018.03.23

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Product Details


[National Japanese Pokémon Center items]


Pikachu Riding Lapras Plush - 2,800 yen

Mascot - 1,500 yen

Tissue Box - 2,200 yen

Pouch - 1,600 yen

Wobbly Glasses - 1,000 yen

Sticker - 450 yen

Face Towel - 1,000 yen

Keychain - 1,000 yen

Hand Mirror - 1,200 yen

Hoop Earrings - 1,200 yen

A4 Clearfile - 240 yen

Hand Mirror - 1,200 yen

Box Memo set - 900 yen

Masking Tape - 600 yen

B6 Ringnote Book - 600 yen

Hand Towel - 500 yen

Clear Bottle - 1,400 yen

Phone Case [iPhone 8/7/6s/6] in blue or pink design - 2,200 yen



  • Official release date (Saturday) April 14th, 2018.

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