- Poncho Eevee Campaign

[ Pokémon Center introduces "Pokémon Eevee Poncho Campaign!"


Announced 2017.09.22

Coming October 7th (Sat), Eevee wearing evolutionary Pokémon ponchos goodies are to appear at the Pokémon Center!

Besides standard items such as plush and mascots and A4 clear files, deck sleeves for the TCG, in which extremely cute illustrations were drawn are also set to appear! There are also ponchos that you can actually wear fit for adults, so you can become whatever Eeveelution you want to be!

Also, from October 7th (Sat), a campaign will start for a distribution of Pokémon promo cards of "Eevee in Poncho"! This is for every 5 boosters sold a customer gets one random TCG promo as a prize, while supplies last, which won't be long!

Please see below!

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Product Details


[National Japanese Pokémon Center items]


Eevee Poncho Plush - 2,000 yen each

  • Vaporeon

Size and Weight : (17×20×20cm - 134g)

  • Jolteon

Size and Weight : (19×20×21cm - 136g)

  • Flareon

Size and Weight : (19×20×20cm - 141g)

  • Espeon

Size and Weight : (15×20×23cm - 126g)

  • Umbreon

Size and Weight : (19×19×21cm - 127g)

  • Glaceon

Size and Weight : (19 ×20×23cm - 140g)

  • Leafeon

Size and Weight : (18×20×22cm - 133g)

  • Sylveon

Size and Weight : (17×21×24cm - 141g)


Eevee Poncho Mascot Plush - 1,200 yen each

Hooded Lifesize Poncho - 4,800 yen each

TCG Deck Sleeves (8 Designs) - 720 yen each

A4 Clear File (8 Designs) - 240 yen each


8 Piece PVC Figure Collection Poncho Gacha Series

1 piece at random 300 yen (tax included)


9 Mini Tins Collection Poncho Series - 380 yen

(Including 1 secret tin design) all randomly blind packaged



  • Official release date (Saturday) October 7th, 2017.
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