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[ Pokémon Center introduces "Fall into the Ultra Beasts Merchandise!"

Official Pokémon Center Ultra Beasts 2018 merchandise. Includes a series collection of acrylic keychains, mini bath towel, poster designs and more! Coming March 24th, 2018 (on a Saturday release), miscellaneous goods and artwork designed around the Ultra Beasts including Poipole & Naganadel! These are newly introduced at the Pokémon Centers in Japan! Please enjoy the Ultra Beast artwork designs that feature as keychains, plush, canvas art, mug, posters and more which should be extremely popular given the follow up to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon main game releases.

See more details and the official Daisuki gallery below;

Announced 2018.03.02

 M23: Secrets of the Jungle

 M21: The Power of Us

 M20: I Choose You!

Release dates subject to change

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Product Details

[National Japanese Pokémon Center items]

Nihilego Plush - 2,000 yen

[33.5×30×9.5cm - 128g]

Buzzwole Plush - 4,200 yen

[42×30×11cm - 420g]

Pheromosa Plush - 2,000 yen

[38×14×5.5cm - 74g]

Xurkitree Plush - 3,200 yen

[39×13×13cm - 262g]

Kartana Plush - 1,500 yen

[30×34×4.5cm - 66g]

Celesteela Plush - 4,200 yen

[47×32.5×13.5cm - 443g]

Guzzlord Plush - 3,200 yen

[37×48×21.5cm - 423g]

Poipole Plush - 1,500 yen

[24×21×13cm - 86g]

Blacephalon Plush - 2,000 yen

[33×40×10.5cm - 133g]

Stakataka Plush - 3,200 yen

[30×20×2.5cm - 348g]

Canvas Art - 4,800 yen

Backpack - 9,000 yen

Acrylic Keyholder Collection [10 pieces] - 500 yen each

Petit Collection [9 pieces] - 500 yen each

A4 Clearfile set [9 pieces] - 1,900 yen each

Sketch Book - 700 yen

Stickers [2 sheets] - 800 yen

Mini Tin Collection - NA yen each

Mini Bath Towel - 2,000 yen

Long Mug Cup - 1,600 yen

TCG Rubber Playmat - 2,500 yen

Posters [9 pieces] - 400 yen each

Multi smartphone cover 150 - 3,000 yen

  • Official release date (Saturday) March 24th, 2018.

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