- Sapporo Vulpix Campaign

[ Pokémon Center introduces "Vulpix Sapporo Merchandise Line!"


Announced 2016.12.22

Sapporo Vulpix Advert

Product Details


[National Japanese Pokémon Center items]


Alolan Vulpix and Standard Vulpix Plush - 2,000円 each

Alolan Vulpix Mascot and Kanto Vulpix Mascot - 1,200円 each

Alolan Vulpix Poncho and Standard Poncho - 4,800円 each

Metal Charm set - 600円

Pin Set - 630円

A4 Clear file set - 500円

Sticker set - 500円

Golden sticker - 900円

TCG Vulpix special Pokémon Center box - 1,800円

Youkan Boxes - 200円 each


Special Promotion : The Pokémon Centers and Stores nationwide across Japan, will begin distribution to customers for one random card design featuring Pikachu and Alolan Vulpix. Of the 4 different designs, one secret will also be available to shoppers in these areas (see Card designs). Also, a promotion for customers who spend 2,000円 or more at Centers or Stores will be given a special Alolan Vulpix and Pikachu design coaster. They will distribute 5 different designs, with one being a secret design like the cards distribution (see Coasters designs). Please note : This limited distribution in Japan will take place from (Wednesday) February 1st until (Sunday) March 12th, 2017.



  • Official release date (Wednesday) February 1st, 2017.
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