Kahuna #4 - Hapu / ハプウ

  • Hapu is the kahuna of Poni Island, the fourth island you visit on your island challenge. You meet Hapu first on Route 6, where she will ask you to battle Team Skull.

  • Once you reach Ula'ula Island, she provides the player Ride for Mudsdale, to enable the travel over rocky terrain.

  • Hapu is later chosen as Kahuna of Poni, which you witness once you arrive to the Ruins of Hope.

Ground - Poni Island / ポニじま


Trial Captain #1 - Ilima / イリマ

  • Ilima is an expert in Normal-type Pokémon, Captain Ilima graduated from the Trainers’ School and is a hero to the students of that school.

  • Ilima can be battled twice, and located in Hau'oli City.

  • His level 10 Smeargle has a different move depending on the Starter Pokémon you picked. This move Ember (Rowlet chosen), Water Gun (Litten chosen), Leafage (Popplio chosen).

Normal - Melemele Island / メレメレじま

  • Olivia is the kahuna of Akala Island, the second island you visit on your island challenge. Her skill is extraordinary, as can only be expected from someone chosen to serve as kahuna at such a young age. Yet she still insists that she is just a normal girl.

Kahuna #2 - Olivia / ライチ

Rock - Akala Island / アーカラじま


Kahuna #1 - Hala / ハラ

  • Hala is the kahuna of Melemele Island, where you have just moved to, and is also your rival Hau’s grandfather. His skill is renowned in the Alola region. He gives you your first partner Pokémon and expects great things from you.

Fighting - Melemele Island / メレメレじま


Trial Captain #2 - Lana / スイレン

  • Lana is a captain who is an expert with Water-type Pokémon. She is dedicated to her family and is a reliable older sister who watches over her younger sisters.

  • Once the Trial has been completed, head towards Konikoni City to face Harper and Sara (Lanas sisters) inside her house. Lana will then take you back to the Trial location and battle you.

Water - Akala Island / アーカラじま


Kahuna #3 - Nanu / クチナシ

  • Nanu is the kahuna of Ula'ula Island, the third island you visit on your island challenge. You meet Nanu first when he assists you in entry to Po Town. Later it is revealed he is the Kahuna of Ula'ula Island.

Dark - Ula'ula Island / ウラウラじま

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The Island Challenge

One aspect of the unique culture that has developed in the Alola region is the island challenge, an adventurous rite that involves traveling through each of the four islands. This event helps young people grow into fine Pokémon Trainers. As the main character of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, you yourself are destined to attempt this island challenge.

Island Challenge Trials

To complete the island challenge, young trial-goers must overcome the trials in store on each of the four islands. These trials are not limited to battling with Pokémon. They take a variety of forms, such as finding items or completing tests of knowledge. You will not be able to accomplish them with ordinary methods!

Totem Pokémon

At the end of each trial, a mighty Pokémon known as a Totem Pokémon will be waiting. A Totem Pokémon is much larger than others of its species, and its body is enveloped in a special aura.

Sophisticated Combos in SOS Battles

When Totem Pokémon battle, they summon ally Pokémon to join them. With the support of these allies, the Totem Pokémon become even more powerful. And it seems that Pokémon other than Totem Pokémon sometimes call on allies to aid them.

Grand Trials

The final trial on each island is called the grand trial. It is a Pokémon battle against the kahuna who leads that island. If a trial-goer succeeds in clearing this grand trial, he or she will be publicly recognized as having cleared all of the island’s trials and can move on to the next island.


Trial Captain #3 - Kiawe / カキ

  • Kiawe is a captain whose expertise is in Fire-type Pokémon. Together with his Marowak, he studies the traditional dances that have been passed down in the Alola region.

  • Kiawes Trial is located at Wela Volcano Park. During the night (Sun Version) you can visit Kiawe inside his house in Paniola Town, and here he will be undergoing fire dance training. He will inform you that he needs to head toward Thrifty Megamart, which is where he will challenge you to a battle.

Fire - Akala Island / アーカラじま


Trial Captain #4 - Mallow / マオ

  • Captain Mallow is an expert with Grass-type Pokémon. She loves cooking, but it seems that sometimes her taste is a bit particular.

  • Mallows Trial is located at Lush Jungle. In the day (Moon Version), go to Mallow's room in the top floor of the restaurant in Konikoni City. She will ask you why you're there and the responses are to battle. After looking for Wimpod in a Treasure hunt, you meet her in Lush Jungle where she'll battle you.

Grass - Akala Island / アーカラじま


Trial Captain #5 - Sophocles / マーマネ

  • Specializing in Electric-type Pokémon, Captain Sophocles is good with mechanics and has invented various machines.

Electric - Ula’ula Island / ウラウラじま


Trial Captain #6 - Acerola / アセロラ

  • Master of Ghost-type Pokémon, Acerola appears as Captain of the trial at Thriftys Megamarts abandoned area in Ula'ula.

  • Acerola asks the player to investigate the abandoned area. The players objective is to use the Poké Finder to take photos of the mysterious Ghost-type Pokémon. At the end of the trial, they are challenged by the Totem Pokémon, Mimikyu.

Ghost - Ula’ula Island / ウラウラじま


Trial Captain #7 - Mina / マツリカ

  • Specialist of Fairy-type Pokémon, Mina appears as Captain of Poni Island, whilst the player first meets her at Vast Poni Canyon.

  • Poni Gauntlet is where the player can challenge Mina to a battle. Providing you battle and defeat all the trainers in the area, you can then battle. Should the player defeat Mina in battle, she will reward you with a Bottle Cap as a prize.

Fairy - Poni Island / ポニじま